01 November 2012

Halloween 2012

You didn't think I wouldn't include pics of this years costumes and fun did you?

We got a bit sidetracked by Frankenbitch, as we weren't able to put out all our decor, and had to pull down what was up earlier in the week. So it all had to get done on the afternoon of Halloween. Joy.

The area by me is still pretty bad, though its all around us, yet hasn't affected us badly at all. If you follow me on FB, you'll see the comment my husband made about what I said after realising all those shingles in the yard were ours. (I still think looting so we can have supplies for the zombie apocalypse is a good idea, but then again, I'm obsessed.) The schools are still out, most have extensive roof and water damage, and one still without power. So I was lucky to have the teen ghoul help me set the yard up a bit. We didn't go all out as there was still rain in the forecast and a lot of our stuff is electrical -- last thing we needed was for the house to go up in flames!

I usually can't decide what to dress as, since my mind races and I get all kinds of crazy ideas. So this year I dressed one way while setting up the yard and another for when the kids arrived. I did scare some little ones and felt so bad, but once they got treats (while clutching mum) they calmed down. Frankly looking in the mirror I thought I looked rather fetching! (Just a ghoul at heart.)

You got to see my "Halloween Non-Twee" Style post a few days ago when Frankenbitch was making me stir crazy. So go there to see those if you haven't already. And of course my anniversary post here. There are also "Spooky Halloween" 1, 2, and 3 posts, as well as Halloween Playlists 1 and 2 to give you inspiration for next year. Oh and don't forget the Zombie post!

These next photos were taken while trying to get the yard done. The day started out sunny, then turned dreary. We were frozen by the time we finished!

I don't have "red eye", I'm wearing my ghostly green contacts. The damn dress is too big even for these menopausal breasts, I really should have stuffed them as I had to keep pulling it up! It's an original 50's dress, I believe handmade, and simply stunning. Wish I got a pic of the back there is this fab long bow that hangs down.

Better look at the contacts and my busted nose. So pretty to have a nose that's been busted multiple times!

Had to add the silver mink stole, strapless and freezing temps do not mix.

Isn't the embroidery on the top to die for? I can't imagine taking the time to do all that by hand or even machine!

This was actually the outfit that scared the little girl. I felt so bad, but then again Snow White should be used to the Evil Queen!

This was my "real" costume. Bowie as zombie Halloween Jack.

This one sux but you get to see our floating, speaking skull!

Closeup of Zombie Halloween Jack. I didn't have time to make a good flesh wound, boo!
The older kids went ape, loved my "eye"!

La Teen Ghoul as the demon. Yes, she went as herself. (Muahaha! So proud of my teen demon ghoul!)

This is the skull thing without lights.

And here it is all lit up! Its motion activated, so spooked some kids!

It was an early night, the kids were home half an hour before we told them to be because they were exhausted. We didn't get many trick or treaters like usual which was odd. We expected the street two blocks over to bring their kids over to us where there was electricity. Its okay, we watched a zombie survival guide (SO lame, I should've written it!) and I had a few bottles of Newcastle Werewolf Blood Red Ale. Appropriate, no? Well it was our anniversary and we did need to celebrate! (And goodness knows after watching all the devastation, as well as friends and family losing everything during Frankenbitch, I NEEDED it!)

This was from last Saturday night in Brooklyn when we went to my old employees Halloween party. You can kind of see the good flesh wound (where I was bitten and turned) I miss my Bo )`: it was so good to see him again!
Lame ass pic taken in car on the same night, trying to show my cheek flesh wound, didn't do too well did I? I think at that point I was sick of the frigging wig and took it off!
A few last pics for fun...

For those of you who imbibe, here is a lovely selection of Halloween wines and ale for your perusal.

From left: "Pure Evil", "Evil", Newcastle "Werewolf Blood Red Ale" , "Werewolf" Wine,   "Vampire Wine"

Aw c'mon Newcastle Werewolves have no Bollocks? 

These are vintage bottles of Vampire wines. I used to cut the hair (wasn't a hairdresser then, so it was just a "doing it for a friend" sort of deal) of a friend who was a famous rock dude and he would bring me Vampire wines because I wouldn't accept money. These are the last two (I guess I drank the rest, heehee!) Of course in the middle is our Mexican Dia de los Muertos (today) bride and groom, given to us from either a Mexican friend or someone who had just been on our very first anniversary.

I believe this was a pic from Dante's Inferno. They stopped using them some time ago due to people getting pissed off about copyrights I believe. Wish I kept the empties!

Okay, that's about all to report for this Halloween. I blew it with pics, Dan had a great costume for the party, but come Halloween was too tired to do it up right. To be honest, with the kids home all week, I may just wind up doing more spooky pics for the hell of it (ha the "hell" of it, getttit? Oh man, I need school to reopen!)

I hope you and yours had loads of fun this Halloween!

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(yes it's officially my new name... this month.)


  1. Keep those spooky pics a-coming! Your make-up is a masterpiece, I keep scrolling back to admire your artistry. No wonder you scared the kids, you really did look amazing in both outfits. The teen did a fantastic job, definitely following in her genius mother's ghoulish footsteps.
    That's a great stash of booze there, just what you need to have to hand if there's a zombie apocalypse, you might stare living death in the dead eyes but you'll be too smashed to care. xxx

    1. Thank you Vix! I wish I had more patience for doing up the halloween slap, but usually I'm too rushed trying to see the little kids and giving them candy and spooky bugs and rings (funny, they like that even more and get so excited "I got a SNAKE!") The Punk Glam Princess is getting pretty good, I wish I had a pic of her fangs, they looked so real! Definitely my child... I think she was only something "pretty" (maybe a faerie? Her middle name is LeFey after all!) once, then dove straight into spooky territory. I hope I can find more pics to put up on FB, we did some fun stuff over the years! Haha, yeah the booze will definitely come in handy when the zombie apocalypse arrives -- I already told Dan I plan on being drunk through the whole thing, so I won't care. Either that or we have to loot the chemist for some tranquilizers so my hands won't shake in fear and I can shoot straight! (But the booze is more fun!) XXX

  2. Love your costumes! Especially the first one, so glamourously scary! Glad you were okay after the storm. x

    1. Thanks so much! I love adding the creepy factor to just about anything! Oh thank you, it was pretty scary and there are still people all around us without power, even just a few blocks away! Thankfully everyone is pulling together. But Halloween was a bit sad, so many kids didn't go because they lived where there was no electricity and their parents were scared about crazies lurking. XXX

  3. WOW! Both outfits are amazing, I'm not sure I can pick a fave. You look incredible, and incredibly spooky with the freaky eyes. Glad to hear you guys are OK, we've been getting the pictures here and it looks absolutely terrifying. Sorry to hear you know people who've not been as lucky.

    1. Thank you Lakota, incredibly spooky is the ultimate compliment for this old witch! Thanks so much for your concern, it's been quite scary and we've been getting reports in from friends who've lost everything. My husband is out tonight trying to organise some help for those that need it most. I guess its a good thing that I save stuff, I have plenty to donate to those who'll need it! Last I heard we have a nor'easter headed our way... like people don't have enough to contend with? (Or maybe it really is the zombie apocalypse?) XXX

  4. Hello there!
    Yay, I've not been able to comment from work whilst being naughty and perusing blogs rather than working...but I can from home!!
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog! It's great to "meet" you!
    Love LOVE your costuming, bloody brillant!!! I'm most impressed by your makeup, especially the contacts!! I'm far too squeamish to try anything like that!!!
    Rock the hell on!

    1. Hello Helga, thanks for stopping by! I know the feeling, I get rushed and want to comment but can't always fit it in. Okay I find it hilarious that you find the contacts squeamish after your Halloween photo shoot! Now that was genius! You keep rocking with your bad self too! XXX

  5. Glad you're all okay despite all the craziness, and I LOVE the costumes!

    1. Thank you so much Van! I know in FL you guys are usually prepared for those storms but this one threw us and caused such massive destruction. We feel blessed that we had barely a glitch. Still so much to do as there are still many without electricity and its starting to get super cold at night. There are also so many displaced animals that need fostering until their "people" can find them. I can't imagine losing all your worldly possessions, and also your beloved pet. The list goes on, like any horrendous hurricane's aftermath. Thanks for the compliments on the costumes too! I'm actually thinking of getting some creepy contacts for everyday as they're so much fun (and so cheap!) Now you know why I'm always in awe of your Halloween-ish stuff up all year 'round, we do the same! (Plus you do have some awesome pieces!) XXX Jet

  6. i looooove halloween madly, i always get overexcited when it is near, well also on carnival, disguising is just to much fun, i wish halloween were every day;) i love that zombie bowie costume! amazing and that green and black ensemble is to die for. woow!

    1. Halloween is so much fun here, but its also become huge business-wise. We're of the homemade camp -- we always improvise and rarely buy costumes so its just a lot of fun (we do buy "accessories" like the ghostly green, red, and white contacts for extra effect!) It really is Halloween every day at our house, we've become the Addams Family without realising it! Carnival must be amazing, I always wanted to go! My husband has been to Mardi Gras in New Orleans a few times, but its not the same. I'd much prefer everyone in costume, more fun! Do they do spooky at Carnivale or is it (as I imagine) more glamourous? XXX PS the dress is actually off white and black, it was dusk so the light was getting weird. Wish I got a shot of the back, there is a huge bum bow, that trails nearly to the floor!


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