28 October 2012

Halloween Non-Twee Style

Earlier this month there were a slew of posts depicting beautiful women showing off their "Non-Twee Style" such as Desiree from Pull Your Socks Up! Sarah from Misfits Vintage to name just a few. I'd been thinking about those posts as I found them not only lovely, but quite intriguing.

Never one to follow the crowd, and always the rebel; I decided I needed to do my own version of "Halloween Non-Twee Style". Of course I would, with my undying love of all things Halloween, as well as my undying love for my husband who is part of that Halloween love. Besides what else do you do to ease the boredom of waiting for hurricane Sandy to hit, and watch the vultures clear the grocery shelves? Or news alerts every 3 minutes? Why have fun as one would expect!

So my lovely readers here is my version of "Halloween Non-Twee Style". Do feel free to do one of your own, and be sure to let me know so I can post links. What a fun way to celebrate a creepy holiday!

So now on with the show...

Pics courtesy of my personal photographer, the teen ghoul.

I don't look like I'm enjoying my PG Tips very much do I?
Ah what do you expect from a zombie, they are rather morose & we were fresh out of brain juice!

Yes zombies wear Converse High Tops.

Spotted a fellow zombie asking if they'd like a cuppa.

So pretty!
Pink Dead Stock Vintage Tutu from my old shop.
Evil Dead Tee given to me in the 80s in London (maybe made by Boy of London?)
Slashed up leggings, no clue where I got those.
Converse High Tops
Royal Stafford cup and saucer from an estate sale.
Zombie eyes are natural, I usually wear contacts to blend in. (;

I hope some of you decide to join in the fun -- be sure to let me know so I can post links and pics!

Happy "Halloween Non-Twee Style"!



  1. Incredible! I'm in awe of your makeup skills, you look terrifying! Stay safe, babe! xxx

    1. Thanks Vix, but this is nothing compared to the party we went to Saturday night, and what I'm planning for Halloween. (If Frankenbitch Sandy passes.) I'm now a master at making scars, flesh wounds, and other assorted gross stuff -- all out of household stuff! (I did buy stage blood as food colouring dyes your skin terribly!) So faar only occasional wind not even bad, with drizzles. I hope the hurricane fizzles right out! XXX

  2. Best version of the tutu photo yet!!! This is how I feel before coffee:)

    1. Thanks so much! Planning more ghoulish pics, but so much decorating has to be done since we had to take everything down for Frankenbitch. Haha, I like that comment about feeling that way before coffee! Everyone knows not to bother me in the am, I'm nocturnal and don't take kindly to waking before noon! (I do have to get up at the godless hour of 6.30a for my daughter, but usually conk out once she's off to school!) XXX Jet

  3. Hello, gorgeous, I've just found you... where's your 'follow' button?

    I wasn't ONE of these - I STARTED this! Thanks for joining in! You look fabularse - your makeup is INCREDIBLE and I love that petticoat/tutu!

    Sarah xxx

    1. Hi Sarah, I've been following your blog for awhile, just get shy sometimes (people would get a good belly laugh at that one, but its true!) I think the "follow" button went kaput when I was having tech difficulties, will try to reinstall. I use Feedly to keep everyone in one place, so much easier!

      Either way you pulled it off freaking fantastically! Thanks for the compliments, I literally threw the slap on in minutes and made my daughter take pics. She loves being a photographer, takes after her great-grandpa who was a news photographer! So glad I have her to take pics! Oh what the hell, so glad I have her at all, she's the best, rocking-est kid in the world and my very best travel companion (Sagittarius like me and always up for an adventure!)

      Thank you for coming by and commenting!
      XXX Jet


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