31 October 2012

Happy Halloween to ALL, and Happy Anniversary to the man I married 22 years ago today!!

Well every year I get slightly sappy on our anniversary. Only slightly though because it is Halloween, and I have to watch for zombies, ghosts, vampires and other things that go bump in the night! So as a sappy little way of showing how much I love my dearest of 22 years (and you wouldn't believe how many were taking bets it wouldn't last 6 months as we hadn't even known each other a little over 4 months when we got married -- and no I wasn't pregnant, had the PGP 10 years later -- so nah nah on all the naysayers!) This year I went kind of boring, but I happen to love the Cure and think they write such lovely little love songs. It actually has always confused me that they were considered goth, aside from Robert Smith's makeup (the PGP didn't realise he purposely smears the lipstick!) and hair. So here goes "Lovesong" by the Cure for my lovely husband. Love you baby.

As a little Halloween treat I've included a common Witches chant for those of you inclined to make contact with the "other side". Its also a chant you can use to raise energy. Energy is raised for various reasons; to make contact with those no longer with us, healing, prosperity, so many different reasons. It was filmed quite lovely, showing the group of witches raising energy and sending it out into the universe in the form of a ball of light. This chant is also used to bring peace, and for meditation, a good tool for getting in touch with your psychic side. Its called "Wytches Chant" by Inkubus Sukkubus.


May all your Halloween encounters be fortuitous, and of course spooky and FUN!



  1. Happy Anniversary and spooky Hallowe'en!!! I love your choice of music, it's a shame Robert isn't as hot to look at as he was back then (although the voice is still as sweet!)
    Yes, the kids knock on doors, demand cash and chuck stuff at your house if you don't oblige, no fancy dress, not even a crappy mask from a pound shop.
    I've been thinking of you and sending lots of positive vibes your way this week. Be sure to have lots of fun today and tonight, won't you? xxxx

    1. Oh I know Robert is aging as we all are, but his voice still melts my heart! Bloody hell, what brats! Batten the hatches! Happy Halloween! XXX

  2. Happy Anniversary!!
    It sounds like you two were a match made on Halloween?! *hehehe*

    (People thought I was pregnant when I was got married at 18)
    I still haven't had any munchkins to speak of.
    They were also probably betting our marriage wouldn't last longer than a year... we celebrated our 13th Anniversary on the 16th.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog post about the Le Creuset. I had no idea... I was going to look for a replacement on E-bay.

    1. Thank you! Heehee yes I guess so, we really enjoy it, although I did scare a little girl earlier! I felt so bad but she did like the goodies I gave her!

      Oh how funny, people are so stupid. Lucky 13 anniversary, maybe a munchkin soon? Hey you're almost a Halloween anniversary too!

      Glad I could help with the le creuset, I had purchased it many, many, years ago and it was a freebie, so I was happy to have the double use! The frying pan is brilliant as well!

      BTW totally in awe of your photoshop skills! My teen is great, I'm a dweeb!

  3. Happy anniversary, you ghouls!


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