27 August 2012

Vintage Tag Sale Finds Part 2

Here is the second part of what I was able to find this weekend at a few yard sales.

I had recently mentioned on Bella Morte's blog that I had a great teapot collection (pissed that I missed out on a sale that had a monkey teapot!), but really needed to start looking for teacups. And I found them in abundance! So many I had a hard time choosing! I love the look of mismatched teacups and plates when setting the table for dessert, so it only stands to reason that I'd like a nice variety of teacups!

The ivy planter on the left is made by Metlox, and I have one I got about 20 years ago when I had my flea market booth. So now I have two! I'd like to find some nice succulents to put in both. (I'm on a succulent kick at he moment, filling all my little vintage planters and vases with them as they look so interesting when you group them together and are very easy maintenance! The only problem is the dearth of succulents this time of year, I guess I'll have to wait until the cooler weather hits and people start thinking of houseplants.) The hot place looks like it might be from either the 50's or 60s due to the print on the reverse which was a typical print for kitchen counter tops back then. The yellow flowered plates where not from this weekend, I went garbage picking when a house nearby had a ton of things destined for the landfill. These are made by Blue Ridge and quite collectible. I probably won't keep them as they don't match any of my other plates, so some lucky person may get them when I do the flea market in a few weeks! (If you're interested, let me know, they'll be going for very little as I like to pass on a bargain.)

Some of the cups and saucers I picked up at the first tag sale. All the cups and saucers were $3 a set and in perfect condition with no chips or cracks. The blue (the remind me of the Royal Pavilion in Brighton) is by "Rosina", The green by "Paragon", The black by "Royal Stafford", all made in England. Oh look, a shot of my husband's work van in the background. Its so weird looking, one of those Mercedes vans that are super tall -- they look so odd when you're used to seeing "regular" vans. He can't wait to be rid of it!

The green is by "Aynsley", the footed iridescent cup and saucer have no markings, nor does the yellow on the left, and the yellow on the right is by "Aynsley".

Large closeup of the footed iridescent cup with delicate cutouts on the saucer. We actually went back towards the end of the sale and I couldn't leave that one behind!

Note how the "Aynsley" saucer doesn't match the cup ): I actually love the cup more as it looks very 30s.

An unopened envelope of doilies! Look at the fantastic graphics! I may never open it, even though the doilies look so pretty and would make any dessert so glamorous!
The Dansk crock (soup tureen?) was picked up Friday at a church rummage sale. There isn't any marking aside from "Dansk" so I have to do a little research to see if its heatproof. It would be so useful if it can go stove top or in the oven as I love to make soup and stew when the temps drop.  I have loads more to show from that excursion, after they get out of the laundry! The Danish plate is from the first yard sale, such a lovely shape with delicate design.

It was never used, still with its original sticker. Have no doubt, I will definitely use this piece!

I always snap up vintage glasses as I'm a klutz who breaks them easily. I actually already broke my fav one, the pink and black! (Yeah I was drinking iced tea when I took the pics!) The black pitcher is sooo heavy, purchased at the second sale where the owner told me it was quite old. Perfect condition too!

So there you have the next installment. I will try to get to the rest over the week... at the sale I got the Viking sewing machine, I also picked up a ton of other stuff as the second day we went they had a bag sale. Cute vintage, newer items, housewares, and more. And thankfully we dropped off four boxes and three massive bags of donations so I made some room for new goodies to come into our home!   

I hope this was an enjoyable peek into the types of things that catch my fancy as I love seeing what all of you choose to keep from clogging up the landfills!



  1. I'm not usually a fan of dainty china but your new found finds do look rather lovely grouped together like that! The glasses and jug are lovely as is the ivy planter and I do like the kitsch doily packaging, too!

    1. I usually go for more 50s-70s stuff myself, but the colours and shapes on these got me! I have some more glasses in the drainboard, I'll post them next. Isn't that doily packaging fab? I want to frame it! XXX Suzanne

  2. OMG! You hit the teacup jackpot! What a beautiful selection you found! The footed one is really quite special, I've never seen one quite like it before, I love the slightly atomic style triangle handle - very very bizarre! My bf's mum loves Aynsley pottery, she has quite a nice sized collection of it but mostly vases and the likes. There is something whimsical about mismatched teacups don't you think?!

    Talking of succulents, I remember my Nan's old welsh style cottage used to be jam packed with them! Windows full of dusty old planters and succulents of all shapes and sizes.. spiders loved hiding amongst them! *shivers* ~♥~

    1. Thank you! I loved all the colours and shapes and even though I try to keep things in the same colour family I couldn't resist these! I hadn't thought of that footed cup as being slightly atomic, I guess it does go with my others! I did find that the cup that doesn't match the Aynsley saucer has a mark, "Foley" so I'll be on a hunt for the match! Every so often I run into some pretty English pottery but most is so destroyed at this point. I'd love to see your bf's mum's collection! Yes, that's what I liked, the whimsical aspect of the mismatched cups and saucers, you summed it up perfectly!

      Oh now you have me pining for Wales, I loved it so there and recall seeing the houseleek on the thatched roofs! So quaint! Heehee the girl who loves bats, hates spiders? I love spiders too, eat all those bugs I dislike! Thanks for stopping by! XXX Suzanne


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