29 August 2012

Yes There's More!

Next up are some more things I found this weekend. Its interesting I can go months on end without finding a thing, then in one weekend find a plethora of goodies! Without further adieu, here they are!
Irish wool blanket. The label says its a shawl, but its so big it'll fit a twin size bed easily.

Irish wool blanket, found at the church sale on Friday.

This 50's chenille coverlet was purchased last spring at a church sale. It was filthy but I was able to get all the stains out, now making it perfect! It makes a nice throw when it gets chilly out on the porch at night.

Got this linen towel Sunday at the first estate sale on Sunday, I actually have two others exactly the same purchased unused over 20 years ago!

From the first estate sale Sunday. The woman had tons of hand embroidered, crocheted, and knitted pieces that were in  beautiful condition.

Another Mexican themed embroidered linen towel from the same sale.

Look how pretty they look all lined up!

I found two of these linen towels.

Look at the beautiful embroidery!

I know it seems crazy that I have all these linen and tea towels, but I actually use them. I prefer using them over wasting paper towels. Love the pretty birds in the tree on this one!

This is one of three kitchen cabinet units we found. This one dates to around the 40's-50's and has a lovely grey formica top typical of the era.
                                                      Bread box!

Here is the second cabinet, same formica patterned top.
This one is the last and the oldest, dating to the 30s. It has a cast iron enameled top with great deco details around the bottom.
The interior, made by "Artcrest"

The top view, its not grey, its white enamel.

My evening cocktail... I created a new Pimm's Cup with Pellegrino Blood Orange and a dash of Pomegranite juice, yuuuum! (It looks better when the ice hasn't melted!)

I have probably one or two more posts, so more linens (I found a lace tablecloth that is exactly the same as the one my grandmother made!) and some funky clothing I've picked up over the summer. But for now I have a zillion errands to run and need to get hopping!



  1. Cool stuff! Now you just need to find all my '80s clothes at one of these things :-)

    1. Heehee! Yours and mine too! Actually one of the reasons I realised I love these things is that I'm still hoping to one day find one of the outfits my great grandfather designed. I had asked my mother to save them for me when I was about 11, but she tossed them. Everything I asked her to save she tossed, and they all wound up being things I love now, not to mention worth a small fortune (hello original Barbie, Midge, Francie, Casey & Twiggy!) XXX Suzanne PS now you see why I have to do a flea market, so I can get rid of all the extras!

  2. Those linen towels are just gorgeous, they do look fabulous lined up together like that. The kitchen cupboards are stunning, you've had some amazing buys of late!
    Thanks for your email! Hotmail's gone mental and I've had a nightmare with logging into my account. I'll reply later, promise!!! Loads of love, Vix

    1. Thanks Vix! I made another massive bargain this past weekend that I'll have to write about soon. XXX S.


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