26 August 2012

Vintage Tag Sale Finds

Today we went to a few tag sales, which we hadn't done in some time. They were interesting sales, one was the estate of a 102 year old woman who ran a farm locally. She traveled extensively, and had some great finds. The house, basement and garage were stuffed to the gills, and the sale had actually started yesterday! Another was a family with many years accumulation. I've got a bunch of stuff in the dishwasher, but here is what I did manage to photograph.

Large framed French fashion print -- I have quite a few smaller ones so they will look nice grouped together. A small framed Picasso print, a rusty old toolbox, a fab faux leopard hat that came with the hat stand and I was able to snag another hat stand as well!

A 1930s peach silk teddy, unworn! (The lighting makes it look pink, but its peach.) 

A silver mink stole in perfect condition -- goes great with my hair!

60s tote, it has snaps so you can make it into a smaller size.

Same tote opened to full size. Love the colour combo! 
And for the old lady with a back injury and bad knees, a 60s heating pad that still works!

I have a whole bunch more, mostly glassware and housewares, some interesting tea cups and little bits and bobs which I will photograph after they've dried. I also got some fantastic vintage 30s-50s freestanding metal cabinets. Since I've been trying to do small renovations to my kitchen, I may wind up ripping out some of the hideous cabinetry and use them there instead! So look forward to more pictures this week! 

Also, if you fancy a ride up to the' burbs, I'll be doing a flea market at the local historical society the weekend after Labour Day. Its always a great sale, with a variety of vendors, mostly vintage and antique and I'm hoping I can move some of my clutter out! I have so many fab vintage items I no longer use (most have been replaced) as well as some fantastic vintage clothing. If you're interested, please feel free to email and I'd be happy to give you directions as its quite easy to get to from the train station or by car. (punk.glam.queen at gmail dot com) Hopefully this will give me a leg up and I can get my Etsy shop going again as I did really well in the past! (But then got too lazy... wish they would come up with an easy shipping calculator!) 

I hope you had a great weekend, besides hitting the tag sales today, I hit a church rummage sale on Saturday and found some interesting things as well! 



  1. What fantastic finds! I loved the framed fashion print, that would look absolutely brilliant grouped with smaller ones. The hats stands are so cute and I'm totally loving the adjustable psychedelic clutch bag and the groovy heating pad, it reminds me of a Sixties hair-dryer I have somewhere in my collections of madness!
    Re: your comment over on mine, yes, I loathe fitted kitchens, they sit so strangely in old homes. Much better to gather together an random selection of useful old pieces and tart them up with the same colour paint. xxx
    PS I'd love to share some recipes. Bear with me, I'll sort some out!

  2. Vix, I knew you'd like the goodies! Usually the garage/ tag/ yard sales around here are so horrid -- filled with broken toys and stained children's clothing! So it was a real treat to find some lovely things and get to talk about the history of the first house as it was stunning! (I hope the new owners don't destroy the pink or blue bathrooms such a time capsule!) I wish you could re-do my kitchen I love yours so! I look forward to recipes, I love to cook and am feeling a bit uninspired lately even though the Punk Glam Princess and Dan both have really good palettes... I guess you get stuck into the same routine after awhile. XXX Suzanne

  3. really nice stuff!
    like your blog, would be happy if we could follow each other :)

    1. Hello Melina, thanks for the compliment. I love finding interesting things! Thanks also for stopping by and I will be sure to say hello on yours! XXX Suzanne


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