05 September 2011

Vintage Lingerie Collection Part 2 (pic heavy!)

After the response of part one, I decided to pull some more out for photographing. Most of these are the things I wear most often and was what I have hanging on the back of my bedroom door. Yeah I squeeze clothes where I can -- you'll die when I get into the trunks!

Vera hostess gown from the 60s. Love the print and colours and I've worn it as a dress, especially when I want to enjoy my morning tea on the porch or patio without the neighbors thinking I'm totally a hussy!

Bra slip from the 60s. This one might get culled as the growth of my bust no longer makes it fit!

Simple 60s slip. Comfy for sleeping on hot nights, or for heating things up!

Closeup of 60s slip. It has the same pleating around the hem.

Full shot of the same slip.

70s Dior nightgown.

30s silk bias cut number. The embroidery is exquisite.

Close up of the embroidery, and little tucks along the sides for shaping.

A recent acquisition over the summer at a flea market in CT. A huge pile of basically junk, but I spotted the peach and yanked it out asking the price. The vendor said "its your lucky day, name your price." I looked it over in the sunlight and noticed that most of the silk is shattered, with the top being intact. So I said how about $2? He said "Sold!" I couldn't believe my luck as this was one of few I've come across with a collar. Because of the shattering I may cut it down to a blouse.

Close up of the lace and collar.

Yep more hostess gowns. I can never resist the colours or patterns!

This one was made for Saks Fifth Ave by one of Pucci's proteges.

Sheer 60s short slip. Its been worn to death and I've owned it over 25 years.

White 50s slip. Another one that maybe on its way out as its quite big for me.

Crazy 60s print dressing gown.

Dressing gown from the 60s, made in Shanghai. I purchased it brand new from a thrift shop over 30 years ago and still wear it often.

Closeup of the beautiful embroidery and frog closings.

I call this my Lucy Ricardo smock. Remember when she'd wear things like this around the house? I'm pretty sure its either 40s or 50s.

This kimono style dressing gown was given to me off Freecycle. A British woman was getting rid of her aunt's clothing that no longer fit her. Everything (including this) was hand made beautifully. Best of all, her aunt was just my size! I believe it all dated from around WWII.

Another 50s dressing gown that came with its original tags. I've never worn it, saying I'm going to hem it, but never want to play around with it.

It can be worn with the belt as shown here.

And here is a closeup of the gold design printed.

So that's the exhaustive selection of part 2 of my collection. Now do you guys realise just how much I have and really need to stop hoarding it, letting some move on to happier homes?

I'd still love to see your vintage lingerie, you don't have to model it, hang it so we can see its beauty!



  1. I se so many things Id love in my hoarding haven of vintage clothes.
    I did a post ages ago of my vintage nigtwear but wasnt done well May have to do a newer post of them all.

  2. Hi Nelly! Heehee that's what my husband calls my collection -- hoarding. But he should talk with his mountains of books (okay I have those too, working on it.) maybe you just need to reformat the page and make it look fresh, I'd LOVE to see your collection!

  3. Wow! What can I say but what's your address? I'm coming over to play dress up! x

  4. Vix you are so funny! Anytime you want to visit NY my guest room has your name on it and you can play to your hearts content. I'll probably foist stuff on you to take home too!

  5. Goingplacestrip,thank you! And thanks for stopping by!

  6. Wow! What can I say but what's your address?


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