16 September 2011

NYFW: Positive Reinforcement for Girls?

I had sworn off NYFW this year. As serendipity would have it, Saturday we had nothing to do, PGK was working OT so I suggested we make a visit to Lincoln Center to give the PGP some fashion inspiration. It was the perfect thing to do to make up for a boring stay at home day!

We wandered around a bit, got our pictures taken every few steps we took (pink haired woman with an orange haired young lady gets the paps excited I guess?) then discovered Teen Vogue had a huge set up for girls. Of course the PGP had to nearly run there. Inside they had makeup for the girls to play with, healthy snacks, and musical guests amongst other things.

We happened to get there just as Wynter Gordon was about to perform a few acoustic songs. The woman has a set of pipes on her! Lovely strong, soulful voice. When she finished, she spoke to no one and made a beeline for the PGP. Wynter said "You look fantastic! I love your hair and your whole look! Don't ever let anyone try to change you, always be your gorgeous self!" Doesn't sound like much but having someone you don't know give you words of encouragement are not only empowering, but raise your confidence levels. Every young girl is insecure, and this made the PGP shine with pride.

PGP and Wynter Gordon.

PGP hamming it up!

She even got the nerve up to come with me to go to see the Monique L'Huillier show. She loved the glamorous clothes and the fact that she felt part of the fashion crowd. Again, people stopped us to tell her how great she looked and I think she was floating with all the positive reinforcement.

After the Monique L'Huillier show we hit the photo booth!

The next day we HAD to return because her two favourite YouTubers -- Blair juicystar07 and Elle AllThatGlitters21 -- Fowler were appearing at Teen Vogue. While dad stayed with her I ran off to catch the L.A.M.B. presentation. Back at Teen Vogue, she had made a new friend and was thrilled she got a Teen Vogue goodie bag. We took loads of fun pictures, then called it a night.

PGP with Blair and Elle Fowler.

We didn't even realise we matched until we saw these pics!

Monday night we were off to see the Betsy Johnson show with Jazmin from Vintage Vandalizm. We got great seats and PGP spotted Nicky Minaj in the front row. So I told her to go up and ask politely if she could take a picture. Nicky was so sweet to her, telling her she loved her hair, and not to let anyone tell her not to be herself. More positive reinforcement! She loved the show, and the fact that she got her own goodie bag! Unfortunately we were too exhausted to attend the after party. Sadly I forgot my camera and the bright lights washed out any decent photos of the clothes ):

My flash didn't go off! Drat it was a good shot too. Notice Lynn Yeager seated next to Nicky.

Oddly while trying to take runway shots this one wound up being one of the best! Notice the white blur to the right, that was one of Betsy's outfits. Yeah iPhones take good photos but too slow!

After the Betsy Johnson show Jazmin, PGP,& I hit the photo booth for some goofy fun!

For woman who'd sworn off NYFW, I managed to pack in quite a lot in a few days! Well it "is" a woman's prerogative to change her mind!



  1. Looks like you guys had an amazing time. Definitely worth changing your mind for! Stripes and bright hair is always a winning combo - love to you both x

  2. We did have an amazing time, I guess there's something to be said about serendipity! Next to leopard, stripes are my other fav "neutral"! (; Love to you too!

  3. nice post dear keep it up...


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