31 August 2011

Local Colour -- Peter Falk

It was on this day in 2005 a ceremony was held in Ossining, NY (most famously known as home to SingSing prison) to name Prospect Ave Peter Falk Place as this is where the famous actor grew up. During the ceremony the sign was covered with a raincoat, pulled down to reveal the sign. It's just a hop from our own home and it gives me a little smile when I see the sign as I happen to love Peter Falk. "Wings of Desire" is one of my all time favourite films and I think his role is brilliant.

About a month ago we were at the local historical society's tag sale where an elderly woman started chatting with me. Finding out I was a writer, she regaled me with some tales of the late Mr. Falk as both her and her husband knew him well having gone to school with him and known him some time after. Of course she had only lovely things to say and he seemed to have been a very good hearted man.

One of the most amusing tales was one regarding his glass eye. It's well known that his father owned a dry goods store on Main St in town, but not as well known that above was a pool hall where the locals would play pool. The amusing part is that when Peter Falk lost, he'd play a prank by taking out his glass eye and rolling it on the table as if angry, but with a smile on his face! The woman I spoke to said both she and her husband were witness to this and found it typical of Mr. Falk's prankster humour!


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