15 August 2011

Local Colour and a Spooky Benefit

As I mentioned previously, we have a lovely old theatre nearby, The Tarrytown Music Hall. On the 23 September they are screening the original "House of Dark Shadows", the film that was made after the popularity of the show.

As kids we rushed home to watch, usually scared out of our wits but loving every episode. The proceeds will go to the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery Historic Fund. It's a quick jaunt out of the city, and the film is currently being remade with Tim Burton and Johnny Depp (did you think anyone else would be chosen for the role?) who also did "Sleepy Hollow". Hmm... Perhaps that's one of the reasons we chose to live here, the landscape is quite haunting in autumn and winter and appeals to my spookier side!

A little known fact is that Lyndhurst was used for the exterior shots for Collingwood mansion for the show, and the receiving vault at Sleepy Hollow Cemetery was used as Barnabas Collins' crypt in both the show and the film. Who knew I grew up just 10 miles or so from my fav show! Or that we'd settle just up the road now!

Tickets are available at the box office here I hope to see you there!

Don't forget all the spooky events going on during the month of October in honour of Washington Irving's classic "Sleepy Hollow", theres fun to be had for the whole family!


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