10 June 2011

Garden In Full Bloom!

These pictures were taken last week before we had torrential rains. I'm so pleased my peonies are almost a full line across the front of the house, they look so festive and smell heavenly! Sadly now after the rains they are worse for the wear, boo!

As you can see in the background the climbing rose are just starting to blossom. Now they are a riot of blooms!

A few I cut with some roses to bring the lovely scent inside!

This was actually taken a few weeks ago, my massive dogwood didn't blossom so well last year but we got loads this year!

I think maybe our harsh winter made everything bloom more than it has in recent years. So I guess it was worth it for that!

Happy weekend everyone!


  1. Peonies are my favorite!

  2. They're mine too! And with this bumper crop I have them scattered all over the house wafting that delicious scent!


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