12 June 2011

Sunglasses Vintage and New

I finally got around to unearthing my vintage sunglass collection and thought it might be nice to show them here. Most I've had since the late 70s to mid 80s and I stupidly used to sell brand new unused vintage sunglasses to flea market vendors -- oh how I wish I had them now! I also included a few of my fav pairs of newer sunglasses as I wear them so much (don't trust the UV protection on the really old ones.)

Here's a group shot, I'll break down my favs into smaller pics.

These are probably my favorite because they belonged to my grandfather who died when I was just 4. They're "Cool Ray Polaroid" in a classic wayfarer style, tortoise frame. I don't wear them as often as I'd like out of paranoia -- today I realised in about 2 years they will be certified antiques!

Look at the fab carving and crystals on these 60s French sunglasses! Tres jolie!

The colour isn't showing up properly but these are purple metallic wayfarers from the 60s!

I can't believe I never wore these fab 70s shades! That's going to be rectified immediately!

These 50s sunglasses have fab light blue glitter along the top!

Here's another pair I never wore (what's wrong with me?) they still have their tags and are French made, from the 50s. Can't you just imagine someone like Brigitte Bardot wearing these on the French riviera?

These are vintage YSL cat eye sunglasses I found on eBay last year. You can still find them as the seller in Canada has a stockpile of them, and I might even wind up with another pair as I wore them to death last summer!

Newer acquisitions -- on the bottom are Alexander McQueens purchased last year, and the top are some Gucci shades I adore for hiding my cheekbones which have gotten sun damaged from sticking out ):

These are some older Gucci shades, I love them as the quality is amazing and they last forever!

How fab are these 50s huge cat eyes? Love them!

No vintage collection is complete without some crazy hippie half shades!

Sylvester! Need I say more?

These 50s shades were my favs for years. Also French made, and I had them in a gorgeous blue too. Sadly the lenses are too scratched for wear now ):

I hope you enjoyed my little collection! have you any fab vintage shades to share? I'd love to see them!



  1. You have some awesome cat-eyes!

  2. Wow...I LOVE your collection! Very impressive! I think I might have a pair of Guccis like one of yours. Need to dig them out.

  3. Thanks so much! Im rarely without shades, my eyes are too sensitive to light (just an old bat!) Gucci sunglasses wear like iron, I've had some of those for over 10 years already! I'd love to see yours, maybe we're sunglass twins! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!

  4. What a cool collection! Hang on to them and thanks for giving us a peek!

  5. Thanks Jeanne! I realised I have more somewhere, I'll have to dig them out one of these days...


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