02 May 2011

Signs of Spring... Finally!

These pictures were taken last week when we had a warm streak and while poking around in the garden doing a bit of weeding. After a brutal winter I was quite enthusiastic to see the new growth!

Columbine is popping up!

This is what my lilacs looked like last Monday.

And this is the same branch today! Last night the scent was wafting through the air, I can't wait until it's in full bloom as it will fragrance the air around the whole block (we have 3 huge old lilac trees.)

Daffodils are out enforce.

No lone tulips this year, they are popping up everywhere!

My climbing roses are leafy as are my rose bushes, no buds yet they'll come a bit later this month.

Wild violets fill the lawn. I don't allow my poor Punk Glam King to mow until they start to die. Too pretty to look at!

This is the first time I've had hens and chicks (houseleek) survive a winter. And it even had babies!

I forgot what these are called, theyre the white version of grape hyacinth.

When we first moved here nearly 11 years ago I planted different varieties of daffodils. This is one of my favs, and of course I saved no info to get more! Such a pretty salmon centre!

Grape hyacinth. When I was wee, I saw faeries in amongst the grape hyacinth!

Another daffodil variety I have no clue about.

This is a peony I thought bit it last year, but it's sprouting, so I've got hope!

Lots more peonies sprouting.

Ladies mantle that took root in a nearby pot!

Coral bells. And my VW wellies -- gardening in style!

I swiped a bit of forsythia from my neighbour to bring some spring inside!

I got 2 of these 1970's patio tables for our back patio, or the area I want to make into a sitting garden for $10 total!

Also purchased last weekend was this, which I will recover to match the love seat on our covered front porch. It was under $10, and the swirls don't match perfectly to our wrought iron love seat but they blend nicely.

It was so warm I broke out a summer dress to run errands! Leopard dress is by Norma Kamali, and I love it's vintage feel and swingy skirt so much I also got it in plain black. So happy too, its one of those dresses you find yourself throwing on when you want to look nice but are either too heat beat or haven't the energy to really try! Tried to show the shoes, they're Miu Miu and have tiny little studs. Very comfy and I've worn them to death even over the winter! You can't see from the photos but I used an OTC organic keratin treatment which pulled all my colour out. I kind of like it as it goes from blonde on top down to red at the ends. Ombre-ish I guess. I do feel the lure of Manic Panic calling my name so I'm sure this look will be changed soon and Vampire Red will triumph! (If you click to enlarge the pics you can see the stud details on the shoes, and in the 2nd picture you will see my ombre-ish hair a bit better.)

As you will notice, I've not yet pulled all the leaves away. This is because it's still been getting quite cold at night and I fear if I do, what growth I have will freeze and be lost. Hopefully this will all change within the next week or so, and then I can do a proper weeding and maybe even some planting. I really can't wait to get my hands in the dirt!

One last thing... Here is a photo of the area I want to make into a sitting garden. We used to have an above ground pool there, but it proved too shady and the water never warmed, rendering it a useless lawn ornament! Any ideas of what to plant around the perimeter? This is as sunny as it gets.

I'd prefer perennials or some kind of flowering bushes. All ideas welcome!



  1. Great photos!! You look gorgeous!

  2. Thanks so much! And thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  3. Honey, you are the most utterly beautiful creature in your gorgeous NK leopard dress and Miu Miu shoes!!! I can totally see the PGP waiting in anticipation of what her beautiful mother will wear today:))))). And I LOVE that you wear clothes and shoes meant for swanky nights out, out and about everyday. I had another gyno appointment today and frocked up in a 1940s dress and fur, oh and VWs of course! I sold my house and I'm renting now - the one thing I do miss is gardening. I love to read how enthusiastic you are about your spring growth - it reminds me of all the winter composting, pruning and mulching during the winter and then seeing the results bear forth in spring. I think I adore you more and more everyday - who knows, I may get to take up your generous off of a wee visit and I'll get to do a spot of weeding:))). Some salvias like semi-shade and they can take quite a beating with major winter pruning. xoxoxoxo

  4. D-- you are too kind! Heehee PGP is eagerly waiting in anticipation of when she can fit my shoes! (She does fit some already, and we borrow each others clothes, yipes!) I know I'm preaching to the choir, but if I love it, I wear it and make it work regardless of the situation. I bet you looked fab in your 40s frock and fur! I discovered my love of gardening when we lived in an apartment -- had all kinds of pretty flowers and mini varieties of veggies growing in window boxes! Oh do accept and visit, I'm sure I can find plenty of weeding for you to do (plus I'll feed you -- I'm a great cook -- and I'll take you designer outlet shopping!)


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