03 May 2011

Vintage Picnic Find

Since it was so warm last Monday I decided we'd have a BBQ and our first al fresco dinner on the patio. I really just wanted an excuse to use the unused vintage picnic set I had picked up off eBay at the end of last summer and had yet to use! It's from the 70's and quite cleverly put together so that everything fits in an easily transportable little container. You need to add the few extras like vintage tablecloth or place mats, napkins, and maybe bigger cups along with your feast. I'm quite enamoured of it, and mainly took the pictures so that I could figure how to get it back together again! It's quite a puzzle! At under $20 including shipping I was very pleased, as I couldn't find something near as innovative on the market today!

This is how it looks all bundled up. The cart it's sitting on was picked up a few years ago at a rummage sale for under $5. It's from the 60's and collapses for easy storage in the garage during off season. Quite useful next to the grill for keeping everything to hand, as well as moving the cooked food out of the way.

Top off, revealing the first layer.

1st layer reveal -- dinner plates in front, in back is a bowl & stack of glasses, to the front of that is salt & pepper shakers.

There is a large serving bowl in front, which was taken off the top revealing the cutlery (still inside main bowl with handle.)

Remove cutlery to find the last layer which are the little dessert bowls in front. The bottom part with handle becomes another serving bowl.

Close up of the clever little salt & pepper shakers and the lovely vintage shaped cutlery and cups.

There you have the whole set! It's going to get loads of use this summer when we hit the pool and bring our picnic lunch or have a BBQ dinner after swimming. Ahhh warm lazy summer days, I can't wait!


PS for those of you who are interested, there were tons of these very sets on eBay for a variety of prices. I went for the unboxed set -- at a lower price -- as I'd never use it. I think I found them by searching for "vintage picnic set" or similar.


  1. That Picnic Bag is so awesome...you can bring all your stuff on that handy picnic bag.

  2. Great for summer!


  3. @Men's Clothing: it's not a bag, it's actually the whole picnic set! Each component is either dinnerware, cutlery, or serving pieces fit together puzzle-like to look like a carrying case! The top and bottom are actually serving bowls. Thanks for your comment and stopping by! XXX Suzanne

    @Lea: Yes! I can't wait to take it on picnics, its so colourful and kitschy! Thanks for stopping by and commenting! XXX Suzanne

  4. I have never seen such a fabulously clever and gorgeous picnic set in my life - and the colour is perfect!! I can imagine the PGP sneaking off with this for future picnics with her friends too. Isn't the trolley amazing? I would want to use it everyday. Spring must be most welcome this year after such a vile and wild winter. I just realised the set will go with your NK swimsuit and red shoes - faaaaaaaabulous darlink!!!! xoxoxo

  5. D--I thought so when I first came across it, and persisted until I found one that was affordable. Heehee yeah, the PGP will try to sneak off with it I'm sure, but not until she gets a lesson in how it goes back together! I actually took the photos so I could easily do the puzzle! Originally the trolley was to come into the house but I honestly don't have a spot for it right now so it lives in the garage. You are on the nose -- I'm so tired of the cold, can't wait for it to permanently warm up! The set is actually bright orange so clashes with my suit and shoes, but the vintage style goes perfectly!


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