25 April 2011

Nostagic Music Monday -- T Rex

Don't know where my brain leads me on You Tube some times... I swear I start out looking for something completely different, then well, this! When girls my age had posters of Donny Osmond on their walls, I gazed at Marc Bolan! Love this clip the best with the candid shots in between.

The music and his voice still holds up as some of the best rock n' roll ever, almost 40 years later!



  1. Love this! Now you'll have to give us a new music Monday every week!

  2. Heehee! it's so odd how I wind up getting fixated on certain videos on YouTube! I do try to find things that I've loved that may not be well known, but T Rex, well my dearest Marc -- that angelic lunatics voce and face never cease to draw me in! I should be more consistent posting musical influences, it's so bloody obvious when yiu see me who's really had a big hold on me!


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