27 June 2009

Shop It To Me Sale Alerts

I found the free service Shop It To Me some time ago, and have loved using it as a way to keep me aware of any sales going on of specific brands I'm interested in purchasing. It's like my very own internet personal shopper! Great for people like me who are bargain hunter's always looking for the best possible price on an item.

The service is easy to use, you simply sign up, choose the designers and stores you are interested in, and the sizes. Aside from women's, you can also get alerts on men's and children's items. Shop It To Me scours the internet and finds the best of what's on sale, sending the alerts on to you. Every morning you'll get your personalized email with any alerts available.

Its saved me hours of research online looking for the best prices on items -- as internet shoppers we all know how prices can wildly vary from site to site -- letting me know when items are on sale in my size before they go out of stock. The worst enemy I have with internet shopping is finding what I want on sale, only to find it out of stock in my size. Very frustrating, and at times heartbreaking when its just the thing I've been hoping for.

You can sign up by clicking on the above link or the one provided to the right. Try it out, it will definitely save you time and money!


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