08 June 2009

Shop Idee Fixe!

The time has come to finally do some de-cluttering. This stuff is doing me no good whatsoever sitting in bins when someone else can be using and loving my finds. So I've opened up a new shop at: Shop Idee Fixe as a former vintage vendor as well as insane collector you'll find a myriad of goodies to suit just about any style -- from vintage, to designer, to housewares. Here are are a few things going up on the site this week:

Casadei Suede boots with organza embellishments

Miu Miu Biker/ Engineer style Boots

Prada square toe Mary Jane's

Vintage Gilly style suede shoes

Coach Green leather wallet

All items are authentic brands as stated. Over the next week I plan on adding more clothing and some housewares. My house is literally overrun with things I need to pass on, so pricing will be excellent. I'm always happy to find good homes for things people will love and use, rather than making a killing!

One more note, I'm happy to take your consignments if you feel a need to clear out -- call it spring cleaning, but I've got to make room for new goodies to make their way into my home!


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