08 June 2009

Ergy Erg Creative Redesign!

I love getting news of interesting new fashion design ventures, especially when one is employing a creative use of found and recycled materials, and the latest from Ergy Erg is no exception. After having a leisurely perusal of the site, I decided to feature the designs as they are truly one of a kind creations.

I asked Caroline Browne, the creative force behind Ergy Erg to give me a little insight to her design aesthetic and process, and here's what she had to say:

"My ideas are inspired by my love of historical costume – I like to add a touch of theatre to everyday clothing.

I began by collecting vintage jewellery from car boots and some of my vintage pieces were salvaged from a clear out of a local theatre company’s wardrobe. These pieces became my experimental focus for distressing and by contrast dressing up with accessories. My designs are a mix of new and old and tatty but exquisite – a mix of textures and the addition of 3D charms, buttons and brooches add a history and story to the pieces."

When looking at her one of a kind pieces, you can definitely see the theatrical aspect as well as the incorporation of past eras of elegance. The pieces really do seem to have stories to tell when you look closely. My favourites being the jewelry creations with a multitude of charms, and the corset pieces that can easily be worn as belts to spice up any boring old dress or blouse. I'll fully admit that many of these pieces are not for everyone, many people may dismiss them as "tatty", but it is for that very reason that I find them intriguing. To me, its as if they withstood some good old fashioned messing about in the theatre or nightclubs and came out victorious! For me, they evoke a sort of gypsy spirit of collecting the local trinkets found on one's many journeys and incorporating them into your wardrobe. Perhaps its just my punk aesthetic that gets the best of me when it comes to the deconstructed look? Regardless, my curiosity and interest were and are piqued!

Teacup Safety Pin Brooch Price: 15 Pounds

Tapestry Corset Panel, Price: 85 pounds

As a bonus to readers of Idee Fixe, mention that you found Ergy Erg through us and get a 5% discount on any item! Happy shopping for something truly one of a kind and unique, and perhaps you too will catch the gypsy spirit!


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