09 June 2009

Dead Boy and New Beginning

Well I dropped the ball on two different occasions...

First on 3 June marking the 19th anniversary of the death of one of my all time favourite band members, Stiv Bators. I was (still am) a huge Dead Boys fan. Here's an early video of them at CBGB:

Ironically one of the last people to walk out with my friends and I at CBGB on closing night was Jeff Magnum. Here's a picture I took of Jeff, Tish and Snooky Bellomo on that stage for the very last time...

The new beginning part is that just days after Stiv died, I met my husband for the very first time. Truth be told, I couldn't stand him and tried to get him to leave me alone! But he persisted, and finally wore me down, and I agreed to go on a date with him. We married less than 5 months later on Halloween (yes an appropriate date for me.) So on 6 June, we had the 19th anniversary of our meeting! I suppose this is bittersweet, losing a favourite rock 'n roller, yet meeting my love... but instead I'll just dwell on rocking out to the Dead Boys and meeting the love of my life!



  1. What a great story about how you met your hubbie...but sad about Stiv. The Dead Boys were great - totally loved this video.

  2. Thank you Queen Michelle! The story of how I met my husband is a classic example of what you would say would never happen. I'm just glad he persisted after my nasty behaviour towards him! It is sad about Stiv, I really miss him, he was an amazing performer and the Dead Boys were always a great show to see ):


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