05 June 2009

Jalda Handbag Secret Online Sale

I so love when interesting notices of secret sales arrive in my inbox! I got notice of the "Secret Jalda Handbag Online Sale" you must follow this link to see the goodies on sale. Here's a little teaser of what's available, but you'll find even more bargains when you click on the link!

Matte Patent Deniz Clutch in Brown Retail: $290, Sale Price: $98 65% Off! Also available in Black and Purple.

Croc Bean Clutches in Mustard and Cream Retail Price: $315, Sale Price: $125 60% Off!

Crinkled Lamb Evening Bag in Grey Retail Price: $325 Sale Price: $147 55% Off!

Eel Bean Clutch in Forest Retail: $354 Sale Price: $148 60% Off!

The best thing about Jalda handbags are that they are hand made in the US out of the finest Italian leathers and exotic skins. You'll find some marvelous bargains on their classic styles of clutches (the "Bean" clutch is especially lovely, as it converts from a classic clutch to a tote!) as well as some other styles sure to strike your fancy including shoulder bags as well as computer totes. Go there today and scoop up a bargain -- discounts go from 40%-80% with most priced around 55%-65% off retail! You'll find many bargain priced high-quality handbags in this sale are under $100!

Spotted: A zebra striped Bean clutch for a dollar or two less than the cheaply made in China one I recently found at Top Shop. You all know I'm a great fan of Top Shop, but when it comes to certain things I go "feh" knowing I can do better elsewhere. My instinct was right! Not only is this a quality piece, but its got oodles more style! I've just got off the phone with Jalda herself and purchased the very last Snake Bean clutch, as I'm a huge fan of snakeskin. And I'm very excited to be able to snag it at the super discounted price! (Although its a tough choice as I'm also drawn to the Mustard Croc Bean clutch... unfortunately I can't justify buying two at this point ):) Speaking with Jalda was an absolute pleasure, she knows her stuff when it comes to bags and was able to tell me just how versatile it will be as she herself owns the very same clutch. For me, trying to downsize what I carry on a day to day basis is becoming a necessity, but having the option to be able to expand a clutch into a small tote is a bonus!

Reasonably priced handbags of good quality, made in the US are getting harder and harder to come by as even high-end designers are now resorting to manufacturing in China whilst not passing on the savings and keeping to exorbitant pricing. I know, I got ripped off by an Italian designer (who shall remain unnamed as I've already written to their corporate headquarters and am still awaiting some kind of response, not that I expect one... I rarely buy a handbag, and when I do, I will pay for quality as I want it to last, not to fall apart in less than five months!) So I highly recommend this wonderful line of gorgeous bags with styles to suit just about any need! Check out their main website here for other options on their regular line and stockists.

If you act quickly you may even find variations of some of the regular line in the sale, using different leathers such as pony (cow) fur, or exotic skins! Happy shopping!


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