23 April 2009

"Vintage" 80's Accessories & Motorcycle Love

First I must introduce you to Zombella. She is my zombie mannequin. Owing to the fact that I am married to a man obsessed with zombies, its only fitting my mannequin be one too. Perhaps she'll scare off the zombies when they decide to attack? No matter, he has the house zombie proofed. (Only half joking.)

This first piece you saw in my previous post of the Fetish or Die fashion show. Killer belt. The front is the same as the back, and here's a side view.

More tough girl corset than belt really.

I love these tank badge belts and have worn them to death. With everything from a fancy dress to jeans. Always gets compliments. Although Americans usually have no bloody clue as to what it is, and just think its a cool statement. Whatever.

My other Triumph tank badge belt. Again, it still gets worn to death.

My BSA tank badge belt. Love this one as its got a smaller waist so I can use it on my waist as opposed to my hips like the others.

Best part of the BSA belt is the back, it has "BSA" tooled into the leather with three studs on each side.

All of these belts I got when I lived in London, I believe it was a man in Shepard's Bush market that used to custom make them.

Here's a little something you don't know about me... I grew up loving motorcycles. My father always had them, and would pick me up from grammar school sometimes if he got home from work early enough. Later I fell in love with British bikes, so pretty! Most ironic part of my love of vintage British bikes? I fell in love with a man who had a Bonneville, and we married less than five months later! Through the years he acquired two more, both BSA's. Those bikes are still so gorgeous! (Wish he'd get the darn things road ready!)

This was an early Manic Panic purchase. I swear this thing gets more use than any belt I own. Made like iron, in patent leather, and its got grommets around the whole belt so you can close it as tightly or as loosely as you'd like. And those studs!

Zombella needed a rest so that's all for today. Apparently the lack of brains around this home has left her listless... Perhaps some more pics tomorrow...



  1. Those belts are incredible! That first one is just perfect. My dad was a bike obsessive too! He sometimes took me on wee jaunts around the block after his work. I had my own helmet!

  2. I had such a hard time choosing when I got that first belt, but I *still* adore it so I guess I chose well! How cool that your dad was bike obsessive too! I had my own wee helmet too! My brother raced motocross for years... now he and my dad race karts. (They're like mini-race cars.)


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