23 April 2009

Ramones at CBGB's '77

This one is for dear Queen Michelle since she never got to CBGB's. I found a video on You Tube of a Ramones show I attended and was in the crowd! Freaky deaky!

The Ramones rule, enjoy!



  1. Ah I love this!!! Thank you!!!Oh how I loved the Ramones.
    I used to collect records when I was young, not in the way I do as a DJ now, but collecting rare and original vinyl, mis-labelled records (which for some reason are quite valuable). I had loads of Ramones and other punk stuff anyway because that was what I was into, but I managed to score this amazing Ramones live bootleg album which I cherised. When I left home I never took my records because at the time I lived in a small flat so left them with my mum. About 4 years ago I decided to take them with me...and she'd thrown them all out!!! All my Misfits/Danzig/Samhain, all my Ramones, Sham69, you name it I had it - all gone. I cried for days after it! God rest her soul, but I will never forgive her that!

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed the video! They were so awesome live and their early shows were a hoot! I feel your pain over the lost vinyl... so much of mine has disappeared over the years from parties, moves, unethical roommates. And I sympathize with your story about your mother as mine did something equally as distressing. I had an original Keith Haring poster from the subway (he used to draw on the blank black advert spaces before they were changed), my mother thought it was trash I had dragged in off the subway and threw it out! When she threw it out it was worth probably a couple of grand, can't imagine what it would be worth today ): Moms. We love them, but boy do they piss us off sometimes!

  3. I saw them in the at Glasgow Barrowlands when I was 18 and again when I was 19. Seeing Joey Ramone, who was my hero at the time, was just immense. He had such stage presence, even then, 10 years after they'd started. Scotland had a MASSIVE punk contingent then and many of them were old enough to have been into them from the start. I was just a young un! The Barrowlands was hardly CBGB's though!!

  4. Joey was the best! I'm glad you got to see them live a few times. Doesn't matter where they played, I saw them at the Hammersmith Palais and they still put on an awesome show!


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