19 April 2009

Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara

Having recently falling deeply in love with Exceptionnel De Chanel mascara, I've been wary to try other new formulations. Over the years my lashes have become sparse, and short and I've always had a problem with curl. Basically my lashes are so straight they tend to curve down rather than curl up. Chanel solved that problem, giving me twice the length, some volume, and loads of curl that lasted until I took it off. Before I found Chanel, I was a rabid Rimmel Magnifier fan. (I still love it, but love the more natural look of the new Sexy Curves Mascara.) In my experience Rimmel has always come out with the best mascaras at great bargain prices. I was trying to head to Saks to stock up on my Chanel, but was running late, and dashed into Duane Reade to pick up a few things. There I noticed the new Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara. The wand looks similar to the Chanel, and the hype is that the curl will last 16 hours. On my lashes? Maybe 6 hours. But after testing it out for the past few days, I've found my new holy grail. This stuff is so lovely, goes on smoothly -- not clumpy like the Chanel Exceptionnel -- curls, extends, and gives a little volume. Its a much more natural look than the Chanel, and I find the Chanel very difficult to remove, whereas the Rimmel comes off easily with my favourite eye makeup remover or Boots makeup remover wipes.
Here's what my lashes look like sans mascara. Straight and sparse.

And here we have a pic of one coat. A natural looking length with some volume, and the best part is that they now curl without the use of the torutuous eyelash curler! (I apologize for the pics, my bathroom doesn't have the best lighting!)

So in all, I've found yet another Rimmel fav, that I plan to keep using due to the great price as well as formula! Try it out, for under $6, you won't be disappointed! Its carried in drug stores all over the US as well as Target.


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