20 April 2009

Buffalo Exchange and Tokyo 7

Last weekend I finally made it down to the East Village and brought two bags of clothing to Buffalo Exchange location to sell. I have to warn you, I think it really depends on who is doing the buying, as they passed up so many of my designer goodies and picked out the least interesting things I had (literally what I would consider the crap.) The other buyer was accepting some mass-market, low-end items. What? I also wasn't impressed with the selection at the East Village location on this day, although the prices are very reasonable and I'm sure turnover makes things more interesting. I spotted a cute pair of Chloe sandals for $60. Outdated, but cute nonetheless. Oh, and since it's just a few doors down from the infamous traditional Italian bakery Veniero's, don't miss getting one of their freshly made cannoli's for a snack! YUMMM! They also have a cafe in the back if you're shopping weary and need a pick-me-up!

A few blocks away is Tokyo 7, which every time I try to go, I somehow manage to hit at closing. This is definitely more my speed, with quality clothing at very good prices. I spotted a Hermes square scarf for $30, a Pucci silk square for $40, Prada shoes for $90, a Gucci handbag for $100, and loads of other goodies. Unfortunately I had my husband and daughter with me and they were getting antsy, so I couldn't really do much shopping. I was also trying to stick to a strict budget and looking for specific items I need rather than just a good deal. So I'll definitely be going back when I have more time to browse!

Tokyo 7 doesn't seem to have a website but here are their details:
64 East 7th Street
New York City, NY 10003-8438
+1 212 353 8443
Open HoursNoon-8:30p M-Su

I suppose it depends on what you're looking for and what your budget will allow when shopping Buffalo Exchange as well as Tokyo 7, but definitely check each you may just snatch something you've coveted at a bargain price!



  1. This has nothing to do with anything in this post but I have to ask - when am I going to get to see some old photos of you in your punk days??! You tease me with glorious tales of your shenanigans! I need to see you rocking some serious outfits my lady!

  2. Just for you love I am planning a crazy 80's filled post! Promise to have it sometime this week as I'm on a writing deadline... yet again (but that's a good thing!) You keep driving me insane with those videos! XXX S.

  3. Cool!!!! Can't wait!
    Right now I am listening to Danzig and Samhain - did you ever meet Glenn? I had the BIGGEST crush on him! Seriously, I wanted to marry him!

  4. I have a really funny Danzig story, but I don't want to post publicly! (not anything too naughty just indicative of the crazy times we had back then.) One of these days I'll figure a way to write these stories so I don't get sued! Heehee I had friends who seriously crushed on Glenn too!

  5. I won't tell anyone - I SWEAR!!!!


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