18 April 2009

Kiki Magazine

I know I mentioned previously that I had done a feature on Tish and Snooky of Manic Panic for Kiki magazines summer "Extreme" issue. But something I feel very strongly about is the integrity of this magazine. My daughter loves fashion. She's created her own designs, begged me teach her how to sew by hand and machine, and knit. She is often teased at school because of her creative approach to fashion, but fluffs it off, and says "I don't care, I like it!" I suppose I've done a pretty good job of instilling the love of creativity in her (as a parent you always feel inadequate and wonder if you do things the right way.)

Back to Kiki. What I love about this publication is that it covers fashion from a global viewpoint. You don't just get cookie cutter fashion, they teach you about fashion around the globe. Each article has a vehicle for the kids to create their own versions of what they just read. And best of all, they foster doing things your style and not following the pack, but with still age appropriate fashion. If you have a child age 8 and up (and perhaps even a mature 7 year old), I think they'll really enjoy reading Kiki. If you go to their website and click on the "For Parents" link, you'll get more info on what they're about and what they promote. The kids will love the extras found on the site as well.

I'm personally very impressed with the writing. The writing doesn't condescend to the kids as they seem to do in other publications geared towards that age group. I read it and learn things, now that's something to be said for a girl's magazine!

The latest issue on the stands (find it at Borders and Barnes and Noble , as well as local newsagents, or better yet subscribe through their site -- you can even order a single issue to check it out) is the "Green Issue" focusing on green issues such as where does organic cotton come from? What are the greenest cities in the world? My daughter reads each issue cover to cover and brings it to school to show the other girls. I also have suggested the school libraries as well as our regular libraries start to carry it as it covers such great information for kids to learn. Her teacher is so impressed with this publication she's suggesting the library gets it asap!

I guess what I'm trying to say is that even if I didn't write for them, I'd still be espousing their virtues due to the fact that my daughter is not only enjoying it so much, but also learning various things that perhaps she wouldn't normally be exposed to. Getting a kid to read can sometimes be a bear of a job, but instilling the love of reading is one of life's rewards.


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