18 April 2009

I caved.

I've been searching for some comfy white sandals to no avail. I loved those Gap three strap sandals, but they don't come small enough for me. Plus I resent paying $98 for Gap anything. When I went to Top Shop when they first opened I purchased the most comfy shoes ever. Here's a pic:Honestly I've been wearing them non-stop they are so comfortable. May even spring for them in a different colour -- they are that comfortable. A petite gal like me needs some height and the 5.25 heel does the trick nicely! I also love that they aren't super patenty shiny, and have a subtle snake print. I even wound up bringing a friend who also marveled at the comfort and wound up getting a pair.

I had spotted a pair of cute white espadrilles on their site, but no luck with them in-store yet (at least in Top Shop Soho), as well as a cute Union Jack silk tank. So today, after thinking I would make another trek to Soho, I just bit the bullet and ordered online.

I love that they are leather and not canvas, as usually canvas start to fray quite easily. They look so comfy, so fingers crossed.

The top is a sort of stylized version of the Union Jack, and I have a fixation with Union Jacks as a design (my Mini Cooper even has Union Jack mirror caps!) I especially love when designers use different colours to create the Union Jack, makes it even more interesting IMO. I liked the easy, loose style that I think will be perfect in our horrifically hot NY summers.

As a perk, they gave me a free Union Jack Crown Tee! Plus a whopping $1 off (hey every bit helps, so no complaints there!) My only gripe is that all the discount codes are for the UK site -- US Top Shop get with it -- shipping was $15!! Although it saved me time, gas, and ultimately money to do my ordering whilst still in my jammies!

So of course now I am anxiously awaiting my new goodies... and I just placed the order!

Word to the wise: Top Shop is mid-range prices in the UK and I always manage to pick up something fashionable with the addition of their quality being quite good. But I have no idea why -- especially since the dollar exchange is much better -- they decided to double their UK prices making most items ridiculously expensive. I can only hope that they wise up fast, I seriously don't think savvy NY shoppers are going to go for those insane prices (a bracelet for $60 that you could pick up at Claire's or F21 for under $20? Um no.) Although I will be in the UK this summer, and hopefully be able to find some goodies, maybe even on sale!

Cheers and Happy Shopping!

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