17 April 2009

Shoes and Your Mom

I've carried on a love affair with eBay since I discovered it back in '96, and still have fun looking for interesting items. But over the years the fees for selling have gotten completely insane. If I want to offer something at a decent price, I wind up with so many fees it doesn't make it cost effective to list the item. Not to mention the times I've gotten burned by buyers with absolutely no support from eBay whatsoever. The consignment shops around here are fab, and I've gotten loads of good deals purchasing quality clothing, but often times they'll price items so low that again, not really worth me putting them on consignment (you typically get 40-50% of the selling price when you put things on consignment.) In addition, I have literally bins and bins of vintage I need to sell from my old flea market booth and shop, and no local outlet will accept vintage unless its designer. So this leads me to "Shoes and Your Mom". I have a bunch of items coming up for sale on there, all prices include priority shipping within the US, and you're getting a deal on some brand new or maybe worn once designer shoes and handbags. Here are a few photos to whet your appetite:

Brand new, sold out when introduced in Nov. Kate Spade Knightsbridge Scarlet bag in Caramel.

Never worn Turquoise satin and suede Marc Jacobs booties.

Like new vintage '80's black suede Robot Creepers.

Black leather Gucci Mules.

There's a few more items... but I'll let you do the looking. Make sure to act fast, one thing I've noticed is that things get sold very quickly on SAYM!

Some of my vintage may wind up on SAYM (as the pair of Robot Creepers did), but I think I may try out Market Publique which is a new venue specifically for vintage clothing manufactured pre-early '90's. They have low listing fees, and the bonus is that it is all vintage. So the audience is not sifting through four thousand items listed unethically as vintage but are in actuality newly made to ultimately be disappointed, or worse -- ripped off. The other thing I like is that not just anyone can set up shop there, you have to first pass muster by the site's administration. They are looking for vintage sellers that really know their stuff so that you know who you are dealing with. Everything about this appeals to me, as a seller and a buyer! My only gripe is that I'd have to treat this more like a business and get a "shop" together. Which is fine if I want to continue to sell vintage, but at this point I'm looking to sell what I have and not accumulate more! Be sure to check out both Shoes and Your Mom and Market Publique and maybe you'll find just the item you've been looking for at a fair price!

So wish me luck!

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