20 April 2009


I recently came across artist Antoinette-Fleur. I love her whimsical depictions of people, places and adore that she often includes wee faeries in her work. I hold a very dear place in my heart for faeries and we even gave my daughter the middle name LeFey! (She really is a little pixie!)

Aside from the faery illustration, this is my daughter's next favourite as it depicts a setting in Paris where pictures where taken of both her and I. Of course not looking nearly as chic, but it brings back fond memories, nonetheless.

I happen to adore this next one. Everything from the background fence, to the bird (owl, hawk?) in flight and the chic woman appeals to me.

I love the way her work looks as if scribbled, but with such panache! Another favourite is of course her paintings that have my other favourite monument La Tour Eiffel in the background. (I'm one of those crazy people who just adore that monument!)

Her portraiture is stunning. Please do check out her site, I think y0u will be pleasantly surprised!


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