03 March 2009

Tuesday Goodies

When I arrived home today I had a package from "My Catwalk" in Australia in my mailbox. I had purchased the regular Sass and Bide Black Rats awhile ago, and have worn them so much that I decided I needed the PVC version. Being a compulsive bargain hunter, I searched around for a better price than the $240 I found in shops and online, and came across their site. They quoted prices in US dollars, and had a special free shipping scheme to the US, and the best part was that they were almost $100 less than the usual US price. Helloooo PVC Rats! I'm a total sucker for packaging, and was thrilled to see the attention to detail they put into this simple little package. A grosgrain bow around the box, which my daughter immediately appropriated and said she wants made into a headband.

They don't look as shiny in the pic as they really are. But they seem to be just like the old stretch vinyl I used to make hip hugger leggings out of back in the mid-80's. (Gosh I wore those to death.) Its been so cold here that I've been wearing my regular Rats as a layering piece, like tights, so these will be fun to try out the same way.

I also hit up Target today, hoping they'd put out some of the McQueen pieces early so I could get a head start and get the correct sizes for a few items purchased in the pre-sale. They had exactly two scant racks, no shoes (boo!) and not that many pieces from the line. I was able to get the scarves and grey/ black zigzag dress in my size. The blue strapless tattoo print dress is gonna have to be a no-go for me. It has a built in bra, which only succeeded in squishing me flat. Exactly as the one shoulder swim suit does. I'm quite happy with what I've been able to get, and I suppose I'll stalk Target's online site to get in on the little booties.

Oh and btw, the scarves are quite generously sized, I can easily wear them as a sarong low on my hips in the summer. I tried to measure without stretching the silk and got a measurement of 45 inches square.

Now that I'm done (well...) I promise to stop talking about this McQueen stuff. I have to crack down and get writing on a magazine feature I'm on deadline for by next week. But hope to do a post on some vintage in between.

Punk Glam Queen


  1. I purchased the exact same rats and was disappointed. I thought it was too cheesy and trendy a piece to wear. Leather skinny pants take it to the next level in my opinion.

  2. I have ancient leather skinnies that were custom made for me back in the '80's so I was looking for something a little different. The PVC rats look good as a layering piece like tights, but I don't think I'd wear them on their own.


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