26 February 2009

McQueen Target Goodies

I finally got it together to take pictures of my McQueen goodies from the Target collaboration! I'm apologizing for the quality of the photos in advance as I was anxious to get this done, and didn't set up my photo area with mannequin -- please ignore the ugly door background.

Purchases came wrapped in the special edition bags above (the other side has three Target logos towards the bottom with no other writing), with violet tissue paper in the tattoo print you'll see in one of the tops below.

This first picture is of the trench coat. It has a thick zipper set asymmetrically up the front with two zipped slash pockets at each side, and a belt. The zips are quite nice and thick, with a little dangly bit on the end. This was one of the few items I thought ran slightly big, most items ran very true to size. Retails for $79.99.

The second view is of the trench zipped and snapped up. Hard to see, but there is a snap at the collar, and an asymmetrical snap to the left.

I love this shrunken blazer, reminds me of an updated version of Yves Saint Laurent's "Le Smoking". I rolled up one sleeve so you could see the contrasting black/white pinstriped sleeve lining. As I said in my first post, I'm very petite so finding things like this that aren't too long-waisted is usually hard for me, but this fits great! Retails for $49.99.

I tried to take a closeup so you could see the tone on tone pinstripe, as well as the pockets and buttons at the sleeve.

This little bondage-inspired top is so cute on. You can adjust the cotton twill strap in front to make it more ruched, which will pull the hemline (in the front) up a bit, and also create a deeper neckline. When you do this, the strap hangs below the hemline and reminds me of the old Vivienne Westwood bondage collection. I wore it out yesterday with my Sass and Bide Black Rats and it looked so cute, even with the vintage crochet granny sweater over (its freezing here in NY!) Retails for $24.99.

Closeup of the strap with d-ring.

This is the zigzag print McQ tee with tiger print. I love the way the graphic of the tiger with the "McQ" blends in with the zigzags. Simple sleeveless tee style, made out of lovely weight thick cotton. The pink is much more vibrant, closer to a fluorescent pink. Retails for $19.99.

Tattoo print asymmetrical top. Its actually a black tank, with the tattoo print as an extra piece draped over front and back, with a slim (not very voluminous) bubble style hemline that's a little longer than a regular tee shirt. Retails for $26.99.

Close up of the tattoo print, also the same as the tissue shown peeking out of the bag above. The difference being that this is blue, and the tissue is more violet in colour. There is also a dress with this pattern, but alas finding the right size was difficult, so I'll have to hunt it down when it hits the shops. The dress came with a belt and had a built in bra, and a lovely full skirt. A very 1950's sundress style.

This top and skirt are actually what makes up half of the look that many thought were a 1950's inspired dress. The blouse is a simple cotton sleeveless button down, with cotton twill piping around the chest in a square (I wish I could have gotten the close-up to show the design better.) I think you can barely make out the that the top button is hot pink! Retails for $29.99.

The skirt has a high-waist and is gored, with a lining that gives it some fullness. It's about knee length. It looks fabulous even though I'm so petite and normally something like this would make me look like a little kid playing dress-up! I think there might be a white version as well (both the top and skirt), and I love this so much I may have to get that as well. (No idea what that light spot is, but its probably from the flash as its not on the skirt.) Retails for $49.99.

My new favourite jeans! I love the faded grey colour, skinny leg, and the fit (no gaping waistline even with my small waist!) They aren't too low-waisted, and there's loads of stretch to the denim. I wound up buying two pairs as I couldn't tell which fit best. These were selling out quickly in the small sizes, and I got the very last size 1! There were only a few pairs of size 5's left, and one pair of size 3's. (Keep in mind I arrived at the first sale day about two hours after it was opened to the public.) There's studs around the top waistband, a few around the back (doesn't go all around the waistband, and there are no belt loops), and around the pockets. The back has simple straight across slashed pockets. All the pockets are lined in the same pattern as the hot pink zigzag McQ tee shirt above, but in a heavy cotton. Retails for $44.99.

The dress that made me sigh with desire, and nearly cry when I couldn't find my size. The insanely popular grey/black silk draped zigzag print dress. The skinny strap is actually part of the dress and not just for hanging purposes. The best way to describe the belt is that it's close to an obi; wider front that wraps around and then tie the narrower ends in front. It almost forms pockets at the waistline sides at the draped part of the skirt. The black/grey patterned fabric is 100% silk and the black belt and underskirt are lightweight cotton. This is the dress that everyone went crazy for, and I got the very last one on the selling floor (even had a sales assistant check the dressing room discards, and my husband, daughter, and I scoured every single corner of that massive warehouse!) Unfortunately, its not my size, and doesn't fit the friend I purchased it for ): and I'll have to pray I can get one in my size when the line releases to the public. Retails for $69.99.

Hot pink zigzag McQ tiger print 100% silk dress, same print as the tee above. Doesn't look like much on the hanger, but on it's got a very casual, boxy look that you can either dress up or down. The silk dresses it up, but thrown over jeans it becomes more of a relaxed style. I wound up going with the smallest size as it looked better tight across my hips and bum, with the top loose, rather than loose all over and a bit longer (as depicted in the ads.) The top has a twill trimmed boat neck that has a stud at the end of each side. Retails for $44.99.

I was rather surprised to see so many of these still on the racks as it looks fabulous on! The grey/ black graphic is interesting (reminds me of a photo negative), and the right side is ruched with a cotton twill strap and d-ring that you can adjust. There was also a tee in the same pattern both in the grey/black and black/white. It retails for $34.99.

I can't believe I found a flattering string bikini! I have what would be considered an hourglass figure and they usually tend to look trashy on me, but this one fits great and looks fab. The top and bottom are studded, and sold separately so if you need different sizes you can make your own match. This was another one that was nearly sold out in sizes small and medium. Each piece retails for $19.99.

The other swimsuit I purchased at the urging of my husband who thinks it looks amazing on me. I think I still need to try a larger size as the small feels very tight across the chest. However, as we all know with swimsuits, the next size up could be completely off with a saggy bum, or too-long waist, so I'll just have to see it on to make a decision. The detailing on this is really cute, one shoulder (skinny strap shown only so that it would hang properly on the hanger) with what looks like the same cotton twill piping as the other pieces (it isn't, its made of a stretchy swimsuit fabric) and a d-ring at the bottom of the straight piped line (on the solid pink section of fabric.) Retails for $34.99.

I usually only find one or two pieces from Target's designer collaborations, so I was very surprised to have found so many pieces I will get a lot of use out of. I think a few will actually wind up being classic pieces in my wardrobe, so while the price is high for Target, I feel the quality is there as well as the price per use breakdown makes it affordable. Yesterday I wound up wearing the pink tee and shrunken blazer with some shredded up jeans and my daughter said she wished she had the whole outfit for herself -- mind you, the child is 9 years old, but always gets compliments on her great sense of style!

Punk Glam Queen


  1. Thank you so much for sharing the pictures of your McQueen goodies from the Target collaboration.

  2. You're very welcome -- Out of the things I wound up keeping, I'm getting so much use out of, so I can definitely say I did well! So far that shrunken jacket gets worn at least three times a week! (LOVE the shape!)


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