07 March 2009

Vintage Spring Jacket! And, Glamour Magazine Deal

In January while at a fav thrift shop I came across an rarity. Its tough in this part of the country to find interesting vintage in thrift stores. The market has been tapped out for so long due to the fact that people in the Metropolitan NY area have been pretty hip to vintage for some years now. Imagine my surprise to find a mint condition, dead stock with tags 1960's vinyl jacket that fit liked it was custom made for me. I was being stalked by a few dealers and several young women (none of whom it would have fit -- one good thing about being petite is that you can always find great vintage garments that fit really well) I have no doubt this would've ended up on eBay which would have been bad luck for me! My husband actually had to guard our cart against the competition!

Its a gorgeous shade of lemon yellow, and the lining is tone on tone stripes. Today its already hit 60 degrees, so my new treasure may make its debut. I only wish I could find my vintage early 1960's yellow patent slingbacks (with trim in red and blue patent) as they'd go perfect with my skinny grey jeans, classic white tee, and this jacket. Instead, I'm wearing my skinny grey jeans, a thrifted Calvin Klein short sleeved yellow ombre lightweight cashmere sweater and my black Colin Stuart studded booties from Victoria's Secret (too lazy to dig out some vintage grey shoes!) I love grey and yellow as a clothing and decor combination and since obtaining this jacket I've got yellow for spring on my mind. Last month I was lusting after some Bebe "Liza" pumps that would have been a perfect match but they've disappeared from the site. (You snooze, you lose. The shape was a dead ringer for the Louboutin "Rolando" pump and they came in bone, yellow, and orange ): I find Louboutin's extremely comfy, but I've never worn Bebe shoes so was apprehensive. Are Bebe shoes, especially the super-high ones, comfortable? Anyone?) Last night I was at a mall and noticed that Aldo had a few different styles of pumps that would have matched perfectly as well... got me to thinking how much I'm looking forward to seeing the crocus, daffodils and tulips coming up in the garden!

And for those of you who are Glamour magazine fans....

image from Glamour.com

Today I ran across a deal from Glamour magazine, where they are running a special in celebration of their 70th birthday. You can subscribe for $1.50, the same price it was to subscribe 70 years ago. Click here for the link: Glamour Magazine Subscription Special This special rate expires on 15 March, so if you're interested, hop to it asap!

I no longer read Glamour, but while going through some old ephemera the other day (found in my parent's attic) I found clippings from Glamour that I had saved back when in junior high and high school. Interesting to see things from the '70's I had deemed worthy of saving. They included articles on how to fix your car, sell your writing, and decor. Oddly, I also found a recipe file. I say 'oddly' because I always hated cooking back then, and didn't really find I had a knack for it until I was in my 30's, over 15 years later!

I'm sure most people know this but just in case... Here's a little tip if you're a magazine junkie like me: This past Autumn I had a bunch of airline miles that were about to expire (on an airline I no longer fly with) and one of the things I could use them for was to get magazine subscriptions. They were all pretty mainstream, but it does keep me out of trouble at the book store and news agent (except for my fav imports, can't break that habit!) and the best part is that it didn't cost me a cent!

Punk Glam Queen

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