14 February 2009

Alexander McQueen for Target Pre-Sale

Entry to the Alexander McQueen for Target pre-sale.

On 14 February we headed to the Alexander McQueen for Target pre-sale in NYC. I expected more of a sample sale mayhem situation, so it was quite a lovely surprise to find so many art installations, in a massive warehouse space with lots of room to roam. Don't get me wrong, things were being snatched up with the most coveted of items plucked out of stock more than likely at the party the evening before (such as the scarves and the oh so lovely zigzag grey/black dress.) Dressing room lines were at least one hour wait, so thankfully due to some dressing forethought on my part (I dressed as is if its was a sample sale and tried everything on over to check sizing) I was able to snag some goodies. A few things were impossible to tell sizing so I wound up purchasing multiple sizes. And due to the lack of mirrors anywhere, trying to figure out if something looked good was yet another obstacle to overcome. Thankfully with the help of my husband, daughter and other shoppers ("Oh that looks so good on you! I'm going to try it too!"), mobile phone cameras, and hand mirrors, we could get a fairly decent idea.

I'm really impressed with the quality of this collection in comparison to Target's past designer collections. The fabrications are of exceptionally nice quality, with many items in silk, and the manufacturing looks to have been done very well. My only beef is that this is cheap for McQueen, but definitely Target's highest priced line thus far. I think only McQueen could get me to pay those prices at Target, unless of course someone like Manolo Blahnik or Christian Louboutin (powers that be hear my fervent prayers!) decide to do a line for them! That said, I'm still extremely happy with the quality of the garments I purchased and was happily surprised when I got home to play dress up and discovered even more little touches you wouldn't normally find in a Target designer collaboration (such as contrasted black and white lining inside the shrunken blazer sleeves or the pink zigzag lining in the studded jeans pockets.)

I'm completely happy with the items I was able to purchase, and will probably hunt down the others I'm coveting soon as they hit the Target site and stores. Its already been a few days and my studded jeans are my new favs -- comfy, great fit, and I've gotten compliments. Aren't those the things we look for in an article of clothing? (Aside from price and durability, but c'mon, fashion first!)

Here are a few more images of the art. Most seemed to include images of the items in the collection, I believe to be used for advertising purposes.

This was probably one of my favourites, composed of fabric scraps.

This one was difficult to photograph, but beautiful, like a fountain that contained holograph type images.

Who can resist Blythe? And Blythe in rebel mode? Unfortunately the tee in the first picture wasn't available, I'm not sure if it was sold out or they hadn't brought that piece for sale. I was told by a very sweet sales assistant that not all the pieces in the line were brought in for the pre-sale.

The second outfit looks amazing on. It's a full skirt with a high waist, with a very simple button down blouse with some piping detail on front (in all the preview pics everyone was thinking it was a dress.) I'm very petite, and didn't think I could pull off something so voluminous but it looks so great on, and I know will become one of my spring favs.

Sorry this one is so blurry, people kept stepping in front so I had to take a quick shot. I'm not sure if the pink is the lion tee or the silk dress both with the McQ and lion pattern . Both are great, but they do run a bit large (surprisingly.) In the video shown on the Target site (Alexander McQueen for Target), they show the dress quite loose, but I wound up preferring it a bit tighter across the hips and bum, with the top loose, rather than loose all over. Again, being so petite this style looked better on me, as one size up just sort of hung looking very unflattering and just slightly too long. The tee is definitely a fun piece to add some colour and a great print to a simple jeans or skirt look.

I believe these last three are also going to be the print ads.

Over the next few days I will try to take pictures of some of the items I purchased. I haven't seen any pictures available of certain styles that I'm absolutely in love with and would love to show them to you.

Lastly, whilst I've kept a private blog for quite some years, this is my first foray into public blogging. So please bear with me as I get my footing.

Punk Glam Queen

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