11 February 2009

About Idee Fixe & Punk Glam Queen

About Punk Glam Queen

Here is my complete bio continued from the "About Me" profile page.

Suzanne aka Punk Glam Queen aka Jet Kuhn is located in NYC and Westchester County, New York, USA.

I'm aprofessional published author/ writer and ghost writer/ blogger; a mother, wife and lunatic. I was one of the original CBGB punks back in the late 70s and I was one of the last people to walk out their doors on closing night. It was a dismal day for the NYC alternative music scene, but Patti Smith performed with tremendous heart and soul.

I've led a charmed life working in popular NYC nightclubs & boutiques (got to meet damn near everyone on the music scene back then plus some of my rock gods; if I told you who is responsible for my first taste of JD, you'd pee yourself) in the late 70's through to the late 80's.

Basically for the whole of the 80's decade I was also a part-time indie designer selling to top "alternative" East Village boutiques. My designs were featured in film, magazines and I even made it to be featured in a "What's Hot" issue of Rolling Stone! They were worn by rock 'n rollers, celebs, models, and on stage by varied performers.

In the early 1990s I opened a flea market stall at NYC's infamous "26th St" and "Garage" flea markets, and sold to many designers, models, actors and actresses, and the rock 'n roll crew. Later I opened a brick and mortar shop selling my designs, new and vintage clothing, as well as boutique cosmetics (we had the distinction of being one of NYC's first boutiques to carry Urban Decay and Hard Candy when they were still a boutique brand -- Urban Decay's website was the very first to mention the shop back in '96), Manic Panic products (hair dye and cosmetics), and a large selection of wild wigs and hair pieces.

The vintage/ new shop mutated into yet another venture selling metaphysical books and gifts. After approximately 6 months in business we were known internationally as NYC's "premier witchcraft shop" and we had to move to a bigger retail space! I closed the shop in June of '06 after 10 years in business, due to the lack of economic recovery in NYC's West Village post-9/11.

I now live the bucolic life (not quite) raising my daughter and shaking things up in the suburbs, while writing; ghost writing, blogging and twittering (oh yes, there is much ghost blogging and twittering going on); editing; blogging and ghost blogging; working on a novel; writing writing writing; and buying more shoes.

Interested in my writing or consulting services? Want me to cover your NYC area event? Have a great clothing/ accessories/ shoe/ beauty related business or blog and you'd like more publicity? Contact me via email and we'll talk!

About Idee Fixe
I started Idee Fixe as a way to write for my own pleasure. I wanted to write about the things that I wasn't being paid to write about. "Idee Fixe" is a French idiom for "obsession", literally translated it means "fixed idea". Since I'm writing here about things I love and/or obsessed with, I thought the title suited my blog perfectly. Expect things to evolve as I'm not one to fight change, and will definitely adapt to new ideas as they come along. I hope to bring you quality writing, humour, and hopefully unleash ideas, places, things you've not encountered on every blog out there. I do have posts planned that contain pictures of me in my fun 70s-80s days as they were too amusing to keep to myself! What you won't find here is "outfit" pictures -- I may occasionally post a recent picture of myself if I deem it worthy of circulating the Internets, but I'm terribly camera shy. In addition I'm bored to death with most blogs that do those types of posts. I say "most" as I do have a few exceptions that are my favourite blogs (Kingdom of Style comes to mind first). Besides, there is so much more out there to see!

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