27 February 2010

Beyond The Rack is Off Their Rocker

I had gotten a notice of a designer sunglasses sale at Beyond The Rack. Much to my delight I found the exact McQueen sunglasses I had just purchased at the Alexander McQueen boutique in London last weekend. They had different colours available and since purchasing these, I've gotten more compliments than I can count. So at $189, I thought I would purchase a pair in a different colour. Only something didn't seem right. The original retail price was listed at $450, which would make these a discount of about 58%. I paid 175GBP (roughly $266.) Having been in the New York McQueen shop this past week and inquiring about the price there, I was told they were $250. So the actual discount at Beyond The Rack is only 25% not 58%. Not only have they intentionally misled their customers, they didn't even have the grace to give me a response when I inquired, giving them the benefit of the doubt thinking it was a misprint. A further google search turned up the same sunglasses at a lower price, with free shipping -- something not offered by Beyond The Rack. So please, know your prices before assuming these online sample sale sites are truly a bargain.

Later today I checked out a "Accessories Blowout" on Haute Look. I came across the Gucci Britt wallet I had purchased on sale at the Gucci boutique FOUR years ago at the same price! Where's the bargain there? Four year old merchandise, at the same price found at the Gucci boutique.

I think I'll be unsubscribing from all of these so-called discount sites promptly. Much better discounts can be found directly from the designer boutiques where they don't have to lie about the original retail price either.



  1. I've noticed extremely old merchandise at those sites as well! So dissapointing!

    www. meringueboutique .com

  2. So true! I couldn't believe HL had a wallet I purchased for the same price FOUR years ago! I guess I expect to see last season's items, but not *that* old! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


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