27 February 2010

My Bittersweet Blog Anniversary

On 11 Feb last year, I started this blog. I had a fun post planned as I was to be in London and Glasgow, and would be attending some LFW events as well.

Then the news that Alexander McQueen was found dead came through. I've always been a massive fan of Alexander McQueen, and to be honest it was him that got me started blogging as my first real post a few days later I talked about the McQueen for Target line. Having just a week previous lost an old, dear friend to suicide as well as a few months previously having this catastrophe hit our extended family, this news was a bit more than I could bear.

I won't go on as to why I adored Alexander McQueen, his death has left me a at a loss for the words to describe just how much I shall miss this incredibly creative designer. I send all my love and sympathies to his family who have sustained the loss of both a son and their mother. Please keep this in mind during this very difficult time of shock and grieving. There is an open void left where Lee's genius had shown through, and I know those of us who loved him and his talent are also feeling the pain. I'll not speculate or judge on his cause of death, I will express my extreme sadness by knowing the world is a lot more dreary because of the loss of his creative genius. There will always be copycats and knockoffs but there will never be another Alexander McQueen.

I did visit the McQueen store while in London and signed the condolence book. Though the whole time there my eyes wouldn't stop tearing up in spite of finding the perfect sunglasses I had been dreaming about but didn't know existed. This past week I visited the New York boutique, I think my craving to purchase has to do with holding on to a little piece of him before he is replaced and the line continues on. While there the sales assistant showed me Polaroid's of his last collection which of course is stunning.

Happy One Year Blog Anniversary and RIP Alexander McQueen. Bittersweet indeed.


PS posting shall continue to be sporadic as I've developed "ulnar neuropathy" from sleeping in a funny position on the plane ride home. Unfortunately this makes my hand pretty much useless and will take another two-three weeks or so to heal. Apologies, as I have some fun posts planned about my travels.

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