22 October 2013

ICU Reading Glasses -- My Prize!

Darling readers I rarely win things. I think it has to do with the fact that I've won so many wonderful experiences and friends in life that I'm not lucky when it comes to normal contests. But I tried my chance when Gina from Bespoke Baroque posted a contest, as I was in need of a new pair of reading glasses.

I wear multi-focal contact lenses now, but don't always put them in when I'm just hanging around the house. My poor old glasses are in sorry shape. My distance sight is fine its reading I have a problem with... and I do an awful lot of reading. So I tried, choosing a pair I thought were most "me" and I won!

They arrived the day I was to leave for London, so I was thrilled to have them to take along. Enough yakking, here they are:

In the box, I had actually started ripping them open before I thought to take pics.

The arms, with the snazzy red glitter case!

Close up of the arms & the pretty crystals, as well as that fab case!

I think the sticker on the lens says it all!

Sorry haven't taken a pic with them on, but they look great, are lightweight (a boon to my poor broken nose) and I can read wonderfully with them in spite of my astigmatism. Best of all, they don't slide down my face like my regular glasses!

They have great styles, very affordable and not ugly like most reading glasses. Check out their website for a selection of goodies: http://www.icueyewear.comhttp://www.icueyewear.com They even have sunglass readers and a lot of styles on sale right now. Thanks so much to ICU Eyewear for this lovely contest win!

PS no I wasn't compensated for this review, simply won a contest and gave my honest opinion.


  1. WEre those the spec you wore in London? They're fabulous. What a wonderful prize! xxx

    1. Hi Vix, I think I only had on my RayBans (still really sensitive to light since cornea injury) as I wore my contacts nearly the whole time there. The better to see you with my dear ! XXX

  2. lovely specs! I love that fabuloso sticker.


    1. THanks amor! I thought that sticker was pretty cute too! XXX

  3. I saw them in person! I can confirm they look pretty good! :D

    1. Thanks sweets! I quite like that they're so lightweight & don't hurt my poor busted nose! XXX


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