25 October 2013

Halloween Playlist 2013

Hey kids its that time again for a fun Halloween Playlist!

1. This first one is new, by some friends (YAY!) This is a trailer featuring all the artists involved (go guys go!) just a snippet, but you get the gist. Now go buy it! FYI: at the end of 5th ave stands "the Hanging Tree" I believe still there (in Washington Sqaure Park.)

2. This next one was a suggestion of the lovely Désirée's (Pull Your Sox Up) husband and we've quoted it so many times, its just fabulously spooky!

3. What's Halloween without a little sacrilege? (Personally I don't find it offensive but that's me.) 

3. For the "hell" of it another stigmata classic. PS actual exorcism in this one listen closely...

4. Can't have a Halloween Playlist without those bad boys...

5. My fav lefty Sagittarius!

6. How can we forget the family who lives like its Halloween everyday? (Okay us excepted!)

7. Good old AC/DC for some hellish fun! (Um the lyrics printed on there are SO annoying!)

8. Aren't we all strange? Okay at least on Halloween!

9. Werewolf (there wolf.)

10. Just found this version not too long ago & am in love -- not typical Iggy & I love how Catherine Ringer switches things around on him!

11. Creepy little ditty courtesy of someone not unknown to creepiness!

12. How could I forget one of my fav bands? Beautiful song, very witchy!

13. Last but never least one of my all time fav witchy songs by one of my all time favs!

I hope you enjoy this years playlist and it gave you some ideas for your own!



  1. Music to my ears :D I'll have to have a gander (or a listen) when I'm at home now :D

    1. I hope you like it! The first one is quite haunting been listening to it a lot! XXX

  2. aaaah i loooove your playlist you rock bat baby!!! thanks so much for reminding me of tom waits!!! could kiss you!
    yeah finally halloween is around the corner and now i have the perfect music for today ;)

    1. So glad you love it my sister bat babe! Loooove Tom Waits, always good for a creepy little tune! If you haven't seen them you might want to have a look at last years entries, I did two playlists as well as a bunch of spooky posts about the area where I live -- perhaps to get you even more in the mood? Kind of weird that I'm not that excited this year, though last night I started kinda... completely changed our costume themes (that's so like me, so much spookiness so little time -- why we love it year round!) Have fun listening! Spooky smooches to you! XXX


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