17 July 2013

Thrift find!

I rarely hit the thrift shops anymore as all the little independent shops are disappearing and the chains like Goodwill have gone "upscale". Usually my best bet are estate & yard sales. But yesterday after a lovely afternoon of cooling off in the pool my friend Jeanne over for a visit & I had a few hours to kill before supper so off we went to a Goodwill.

Jeanne must be a lucky charm for me as whenever we go thrifting I find at least one AMAZING find. Once I found a vintage YSL Rive Gauche blouse balled up with a bunch of scarves for $2! time, a perfect condition 60s chartreuse swimsuit, the list goes on. This visit I wasn't hitting it, nothing catching my eye, prices all crazy. I happened to just waltz by the linen section (which I rarely do as lately all you find are cheap curtains and stained crappy tablecloths) when a pattern hit my eye. I of course ran my hands over it & found that it was vintage brand new barkcloth. Now intrigued I took it off the hanger & Jeanne & I stretched it out. At first I thought it was a sofa cover, then I realised it was a bedspread. Priced at $19.99. So my mind started racing wondering if I could use it somehow to cover the 60s sofa we have. Then it hit me, we had to dump the original cushions as they were disintegrating, and being lazy, we got a futon, I scored it with a box cutter so it would be an "L" shape & its very comfy. And this bedspread looked to be the same size as the futon. So I took a chance. With my Goodwill points, I only wound up paying $10 for it.

At first I left the bottom hem down...

Then decided to tuck it under so you could see those great mid-century slender legs. It's much more orange in reality, which I thought perfect since the original upholstery was a light orange. (Excuse the mess behind, I'm not in a good state of mind today to attend to details.)
So now my living room is truly a riot of pattern with my Picasso print drapes! Eh I love it, its interesting and besides barkcloth is such a workhorse, I have original 1940s drapes still in perfect condition and as bright as the day they were made! Oh and Jeanne? She found a HUGE Bally tote for $20, plus some cool scarves. Not too bad considering I wasn't expecting anything interesting!



  1. What a great score! and at a very good price.
    I adore barkcloth. How do you get goodwill points?


    1. Barkcloth is the best! I still have some I got in Glasgow a few years back that I want to use for another sofa cover but haven't been able to find any that match for the other side so I can flip it either way. Here you sign up for a card & the goodwill mails it to you, its just like the grocery store cards. Except for every $1 you spend you get 1 point. When it gets to 100 points, you get $10 off! I don't know if they've done it country-wide yet, but you could always look up online your local Goodwill in CA and see. XXX

  2. Soooo much fun! It looks great! The current version of my Bally bag on Madison Ave. retails at 1K! Wow that was our lucky day!

    1. It was a lucky day! Gwensday hates it! But I adore it! Just odd that it came out looking purply while that part is actually more brown, oh well bad lighting! OMG I do believe you about the current price of the bag, I recall saying I thought it probably went for $800-$900 new, so you did super well! I was actually thinking of that bag the other day realising I would like something similar to travel with as a carry-on. I'm getting tired of having to take out everything I'll need for the flight, then loading my carry-on into the overhead bin, then taking it down & loading it back up again to deplane -- bit of a pain. Might wind up using my Longchamp as that will fit right under the seat. Did you use it for your trip home? Regardless I know that's going to be a great workhorse for you on your many hunting jaunts throughout Paris & wherever you find yourself! Make sure to waterproof it so it doesn't get ruined, being that its a light colour rain could do some damage. Love you! XXX


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