14 June 2013

Wet, Cold Spring & Summer Wreaks Havoc on the Garden!

I should say, what spring? What summer? Its only been hot enough one or two days to swim & I miss our jaunts to laze by the pool. Oh well I'm sure we'll all be complaining about the heat soon enough (pretty please?)

I had taken the dog for walkies & took a few pics of some pretty flowers & trees that survived.

I think these are errant sweet peas growing on the sidewalk.

Pretty dogwood still in bloom. Mine lost its blooms in all the rain ):

The roses surrounding the park down the street. Only I wish they would get rid of all the deadly nightshade! Kids don't always know better & think the berries are pretty.

My shrub rose has gotten enormous! I had to do a bit of pruning, it was overhanging the neighbours driveway & our sidewalk. But its so pretty! And blooms all summer into autumn!

Well the climbing roses are doing well, but in the foreground my poor peonies paid for all that rain pummeling them!

The climbers are getting so big I have to find new places to train them to grow!

Queen Anne's Lace? Nope Hemlock! The root is what Socrates drank. Deadly.  This one was about 4 ft high!

A surprise lily. In the background you'll see my honesty (moonwort, money plant, silver dollars) & Gwensday's  lavender that just grows & grows like mad!

This is my pride, my Rue plant (the yellow flowers show how big it is). I can't believe how big its gotten even though I prune it every year!

Since I had to do some pruning I tried to save a few peonies & made a big bouquet. The vase is a vintage McCoy, one of my favs.

I hope you enjoyed what little I have to show after all the ravages of rain & cold. Its been raining so much I still haven't gotten my veggie plants in the ground!

Missed you guys, think I finally sorted out my blog reader, only I have to use it on my phone & it crashes when I try to comment, grrr.



  1. beautiful flowers amor!especially love the climber flores.


    1. Thank you amor! I always think of you when I see roses! XXX


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