26 March 2013

The Thrift Store Came Through!

Well it came through this time, maybe they got too many complaints about the outrageous pricing? Although I still found shit clothing labeled as "designer" with prices to match, and old, chipped and crackled dishes priced outrageously. But we managed to ferret out some great stuff, first time in ages.

First up a stack of books, some for each of us, all between 50c & 99c, can't beat that. Especially as Gwensday found a book she can use for High School next year (advanced algebra -- ew I barely made it through regular algebra! Thank goodness she has her Dad's brain for numbers!) Can you guess which one is mine? Muahaha!
Hint: Mine is the second one from top, looks like a wickedly fun trashy novel composed of three stories by three different authors.

And now for Gwensday's picks...

New belt, unused.
Some CD's (No we don't censor her music or reading, she's always been independent and just as long as we discuss everything is much better than parents that monitor and deny -- they'll only go behind your back.)
Funky sneaks that zip on the side, brand new. She plans to draw all over them.

And this is what happened...

She wasted no time, the next morning she came down dressed and wearing these customized sneaks. She calls the red one the "murderous" sneaker because she accidentally got red paint on it, then just went for it. I told her the only thing you can murder with that is a cockroach! Now all her friends want her to paint theirs, I told her get a biz going!

I found this one for her and she loved it!
She pans to use this more like an over-shirt/ jacket.

And now for my choices...

Not vintage, but a warm wool cardigan with the beading intact is fine with me.

Lightweight merino wool Breton style top. Love the pink!

I think Vix was infiltrating my brain when I came across this beauty. Fits perfect and will be nice and cool in summer. You can't see the sparkles sewn in, typical Indian dress with a riot of colour. Hey it'll go with whatever hair colour I have!

Another lightweight wool top. Its not black and white, its pink and brown, closer to the second pic.

I got rid of one of these years ago and was always sorry I did. Its a maxi denim dress. Fab in summer, or layered in winter.
Love the wash, looks almost new.

New slippers. They must have been rejects, never worn. I don't care,  I go through this type rather quickly (me bad, I'll wear them outside to sit on the porch!) so $3 is fine for me.
Lastly something I found for my husband. I call it his "cholo" shirt!
Who could resist those skulls?

Wild right? Its enormous, but will be good for tossing over a swimsuit or when you just want something lose and not sticking to your skin! (if the warmth ever comes to NY!)
Lastly, our niece was searching for a prom dress on a very limited budget. She's in St. Louis and I told her to try for vintage, but its expensive there. So I got her size, colour and style preference and, well this was the very first dress I laid my hands on!

The gown.

Sexy back!

Closeup of the front.

Closeup of the back.
She had wanted red or cobalt blue, halter or strapless, and when  I sent pics she loved it but was afraid of size. She was also worried about it being clingy, but this is heavier satin so it will skim instead of cling. I said it's our treat, if it fits and you love it, great. Otherwise maybe another friend would like it. She was so cute, didn't want us to spend money if it wouldn't work, but I put it to her like this "It was less than any tee shirt you've ever purchased. So try it." Might need minor alterations but they shouldn't cost much, and she'll definitely be the only beauty with this dress! It will also look beautiful with her hair and eyes. So I hope it works for her!

Oh one last little gadget. Can you guess what it is?
Its a knife and scissors sharpener! Very sharp and perfect since my utility sheers are always going dull. Not back for a buck!
Well that's it for this week. We had a busy weekend, on Sunday we went to pick up furniture that my great grandfather made. They have a rich history and deserve a post all their own, which I'll do later in the week.

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  1. Scores! The book Thief is an amazingly good read, I love the hippy-tastic top and the blingy maxi dress, too! Gwensday did great with the trainers, what a clever gal she is! xxx

    1. Hi Vix, I've heard the Book Thief is great, and was surprised Gwensday never read it. So I get it next! You do know if I ever tire of the Indian dress, its coming your way, right? I hope the blingy dress fits my niece, she's just turned 18 and is a beauty with reddish hair and gorgeous blue eyes, so it should make her even more beautiful! I was shocked Gwensday had stayed up and painted them so quickly, she does get quite creative when she sets her mind to it! Love you! XXX

  2. Some fabulous finds! I love the satin dress and the pink jumper! Fingers crossed the dress works for your niece. xx

    1. Thanks Emma Kate! This one thrift store is weird I either walk out with nothing or get a load of stuff. I think the key is to not go often so things have a chance to switch out. I'm dying to wear the pink jumper, it matches my hair! Thanks my fingers are crossed it works for my neice too! XXX

  3. I like the idea of customising your own shoes like that!

    1. Thanks, she's a creative kid aways wearing two different coloured converse or two different socks (the times she pairs an ankle sock with an over the knee sock cracks me up!) I like it too, we used to do that back in the dark ages of punk! Thanks for stopping by and commenting! XXX

  4. Ha, did you leave anything behind?!
    Most excellent scores!
    I also loved The Book Thief, but algebra you can keep! UGH!
    Gwensday is a creative sausage,those sneakers are brillant! XXX

    1. Heehee yes there were quite a few I left behind, deciding I really didn't need them. Plus this was all done within an hour so we really whizzed through! Gotta read The Book Thief, so many people love it! Yeah the algebra brain and penchant for maths comes from Dad, def not me! All I ever used in "real" life was geometry when I was making patterns for my designs, although perhaps some basic algebra too, but nothing involved, OOF! I love that she's got both my creative side and Dad's brains (I lost my brains somewhere, yet to find them, although I'm still a genius if people would just realise that... heehee!) XXX

  5. wow but i love what your daughter did with her shoes! they look so freaking insane and fabulous! totally can understand that all her friends want her to paint their shoes too! and what great stuff you found!!! i could not have resisted to the skulls neither ;) and i love that rainbowcoloured hippie dream dress!
    wish you happy easter lovely!

    1. Hi Mary Lou, sorry for the delay (I'll explain in my next post rather than bore you twice!) Yep we lucked out this time, glad I don't go there often it can be pricey! She loves those shoes so much and has worn them nearly every day! XXX

  6. Love this post! Isn't going to the thrift store the best? I recently moved back to Madison, WI and noticed that the prices here are WAY higher than in Las Vegas, though. They're so organized here, it's like they take time to actually figure out what they've got instead of just slapping a sticker on it. The cholo shirt is my fave. Definitely no way you could walk away from that piece of work. Keep sharing--thrifting never gets old.


    1. Hi Sarah M, Yep I've been addicted to thrifting for over 30 years, so I agree -- its the best! They're doing the same here in NY, putting crap from Dress Barn or Target on the "designer" rack and charging crazy prices ($20 and up! Didn't cost that originally!) Maybe you'll get lucky and suss out the "good" thrift shops -- ever go on the forums on thethriftshopper.com? All very nice, knowledgeable, and helpful. Also has a list, put in your zip or city and it'll come up with a list of thrift shops in the area. Do call first, its not always updated. I know that cholo shirt (my husband thinks I'm being racist by calling it that, but its what it reminds me of, besides he knows how much I love everything to do with Mexico!) was NOT going to stay there, I would have found another use, either cut up for a skirt or something. Its just too cool! Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I will have to check out your Etsy shop! XXX

  7. You scored big biatch!
    Gwendsday gets down with her art! Wonder where she gets her witcht creative side...
    Prom dress is stunning your niece should be thrilled.those books should keep you busy.
    Love the beaded cardigan and of course the Cholo skull shirt.


    1. It doesn't happen often (especially at this particular thrift store, too expensive) which is probably good as I have too much anyway -- but it sure is fun when it does happen! I hope she likes the dress, I found a silver evening bag that belonged to her grandmother who died before she was born, so I'm sending that in case she'd like to use it. Heehee I was actually thinking of you when I found the shirt & when you do your tough chola girl look! XXX


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