03 November 2011

Nostalgic Music Hanoi Rocks

One of the very first "hair/ glam" metal bands in the early '80s was Hanoi Rocks from Finland. Everyone from Poison, to Guns n Roses has stated that they were a huge influence on them both musically and stylistically. Tragedy hit the band in '84 when their drummer Razzle was killed in a car accident, but they continued on. I still adore them and have been listening to them a lot lately (sadly I only have a cassette left, must rectify that!) and Mike Monroe was not only easy on the eyes, but a nice guy too. Andy McCoy did one of the best Keith Richards I've ever seen and their shows were non-stop energy packed rock 'n roll. Here's something I've always loved, and the video gives a good idea of what it was like to see them live during the 80s.

Sadly Hanoi Rocks never achieved major acclaim, though they have a massive cult following. Include me in there!



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