23 June 2011

Betsy Johnson Sample Sale!

It's that time again -- I've featured some of my previous bargains I've gotten from Betsy Johnson's sample sales for both myself (here & here) and the Punk Glam Princess and I can tell you the prices can't be beat! The prices are usually so good they're even better deals than the Betsy Johnson outlet at Woodbury Common, which are also pretty darn good!

(Click to enlarge.)

Don't forget to look for the stunning Jasmin from Vintage Vandalizm. Betsy Johnson has such a fun, flirty approach to design that can indeed be worn by any age -- it's all in the styling and Jasmin has stellar super powers when it comes to putting together a look! Usually Betsy's sample sales have a bit of everything from her whole range of goodies at rock bottom prices! I can also vouch for the quality, as I have things I purchased back in the late 70s-80s and they still look fab as well as having stood the test of time without any issues!

The lovely Jasmin from Vintage Vandalizm and the Punk Glam Princess at one of Betsy's sample sales this past winter.

If you see me or the PGP there, do be sure to say hello! I would love to meet you!


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