31 December 2010

Happy 2011!

Hello Everyone!

If you missed last year's post, please read it here rather than me repeat the same old drivel! I'd much rather take this time to thank all my readers as well as beloved friends old and new. 2010 enabled me to do some pretty fabulous things, and I treasure every minute. However, being one that has her thoughts focused on the future I can't wait for a new year and the new adventures it will present! So here's to good times with loved ones and friends old and new!

Last year I had "My Friends Have" by Marianne Faithful, a song that never lets me down just as my real friends never do. This year I leave you with "Waiting On A Friend" by the Rolling Stones. Another song that makes me think of friendship, not to mention a bit nostalgic as it was filmed in the East Village during my EV days (trivia buffs: Mick is hanging out in front of the "Physical Graffiti" building on St. Marks Pl. with Peter Tosh -- it also happens to feature an old boyfriend and no I ain't saying who!) I hope all my friends will enjoy the sentiment!

Happy 2011 to all! May your year be filled with health, wealth, and may your wishes come true!



  1. That's the best NY present I could ever ask for!! And you tease us with these spicy little details girl:). So good to see KR up to his tricks, staggering through a great music video to an awesome song. Happy NY to you sweetie!! xoxo

  2. Happy New Year to you too! So glad you liked the song, I love the sentiment although it is a bit crudely put in some places. This is all thanks to my brother who was bored and looking up rock 'n roll trivia (which I of course had to put my 2c into!) Sorry to tease, but I never kiss & tell! I can say I've lived quite a remarkable life -- it keeps getting more remarkable with each passing year -- & never ceases to amaze me!


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