23 October 2010

Novica Update

I know I'm sorely remiss in getting this update post up, but what can I say -- life gets in the way sometimes!

Actually this is perfect timing if you're starting to think about the holidays and unique gifts. I do suggest you order early from Novica, as most of these items are coming from far-flung locales and can take a while to arrive in time for gift giving. I opted for some jewelry as I was in need of some nice everyday earrings, but there are so many categories to choose from that it boggles the mind!

I was really happy with the customer service, my orders went out right away. And the quality can't be beat for items created by small artisans. In all, my experience was great and I plan to do some holiday shopping real soon!

Now what you really want to see, the items I chose:

I was in the mood for something a bit tribal, but I also needed some new hoops. These fit the bill nicely.

I loved the spike look to these and they suit me perfectly!

In closing, I'm very happy with everything from the fine craftsmanship, to the inclusion of info on the artist, to Novica and what they are contributing to helping artisans get themselves out of poverty and provide for their families.


Disclaimer: I was provided with a gift certificate to try their service. My honest opinion was related, and I will be purchasing in the future due to their fabulous selection, service, and most of all what they are doing to help those less fortunate than ourselves.


  1. Ooh I didn't know about Novica. Both pairs of earrings are stunning and I'm glad you snapped them while wearing them so we get a sense of proportion. The pointy pair would be my pick as they're so different to what I normally wear and I love to try new jewellery styles. xo

  2. I can't recommend them enough. The prices are reasonable, and I adored reading the info about the artisans. Which reminds me, too many birthdays & holidays coming up, so I better get cracking buying more from them!


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