26 October 2010

Extension Review, Plus How To

Some time ago when I was still blonde, I purchased human hair extensions from Hello Gorgeous! Now that I'm a blazing redhead, I needed to get another set so I could dye them to match. The lovely people at Hello Gorgeous! were happy to send me a set so that I could write this review, as well as show you just how easy it is to get a salon look without paying salon prices!

Beautiful packaging, with loads of info on how to care for your human hair extensions. One big rule of thumb is that since they aren't growing out of your head, they don't get the oils from your scalp. So it's important to not wash them often to keep them in top shape.

They come with a set of 8 extensions, which is plenty to give you a nice full look. If you have a small head like myself, you may be able to get away with using less.

Shannon was lovely enough to take a look at my blog and found the perfect base colour for me. As you can see, I almost didn't have to dye them at all!

Now for the dying process. Get a plastic bowl, a dye applicator, and ALWAYS wear gloves. Dyes will stain everything, so be sure to wear an old tee or similar. Plus, you should do a patch test to make sure you don't get an allergic reaction to the dye.

Mix up your dye according to directions in the plastic bowl. Make sure to mix well!

Place newspaper or some kind of drop cloth you can toss after as it may get messy and you want to protect whatever surface you're working on.

You'll use aluminum foil to place the extensions, so that you can fold them up. Much like the process of when you get highlights.

Paint on the dye, making sure to cover all the hair. I turned mine over to make sure I got it all covered.

Once the hair is covered, fold it up in the aluminum foil, making sure no hair is sticking out. Time according to directions, then rinse until the water runs clear.

Et Voila! The Punk Glam Princess took this pic of me on the train, and it really shows my colour perfectly!

This photo gives you a full look.

I love how great the colour matches perfectly, and its been fun to play with having long hair again. It was actually longer when I had the PGP, then when she was two I stupidly cut it and haven't been able to get it to grow again due to its texture changing with pregnancy.

I'll be playing around with different styles and posting soon. I haven't cut them yet as I'm enjoying them as is too much, but when I do, I'll be sure to post that process as well!


Disclaimer: These extensions were given to me by Hello Gorgeous! and my honest opinion has been related within this post. I'm very pleased with the hair quality, great customer service (thanks for all your help Shannon!), and would suggest you check them out for their great pricing!

Update 2015: Sadly it seems Hello Gorgeous has run into trouble and has many complaints against them. Truly saddens me as they are still in amazing shape!


  1. They look amazing and so do you! I want long swishy hair!!

  2. Thanks,they're so much fun to change your look and play! If you hit the "Salon Specials" tab on their site, there are some great deals too!

  3. Look at you, you gorgeous heavenly creature! That is hands down the best I've ever seen extns on anyone - most women around here have blond ones and they look crappy and fake. Or maybe the brunettes and redheads are sporting them too but they look more natural and luscious in the darker shades. What a hot chick!! xo

  4. Thanks so much, I think I may go even more extreme with a super long set as I'm loving them so much! It really depends on the hair quality. Hello Gorgeous! uses Remy quality hair, which is the best quality you can get. My blonde ones looked just as fab. The ones that look fake are either poor quality human hair, or poor quality synthetic. My Manic Panic synthetic wigs are great quality and look quite natural. Its really important to get the best quality if you want a natural look!

  5. This company is a total scam! I purchased extensions, eye lashes, and rush delivery from Hello Gorgeous Hair Extensions. I was quoted 2-1/2 weeks for production. Here I am, 3 MONTHS later .... no return of phone calls, no response to dozens of emails requesting status. My wedding day came and went, which is why I bought these in the first place. This woman and her "company" is a complete scam and I have been left with no other option but to sue in order to get my money refunded. Go onto BBB or ScanReport and see for yourself. DO NOT PURCHASE from these thieves. Michelle

    1. Hello, I'm sorry to hear of your experience! As you can see from the date this was posted, I reviewed their extensions over 4 years ago, the only thing I can imagine is that they were purchased by another company as I purchased one set, then was sent this set for review without problem either time back then. I'd also suggest you contact the attorney general where you live for info on further action you can take. Well there goes one more company I won't be ordering from😞 Thank you for informing me of your experience and I do hope you are able to get a full refund! Cheers! Jet


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