05 September 2010

London Holiday Fun!

I didn't think I could beat my time in Glasgow with Queen Marie and Queen Michelle, but it was onward to London to visit with friends and check out some new places as well.

The very next day after arriving at the lovely Bloomsbury Hotel (review to follow), friends Barbara, her lovely daughter, and Jeanne Suica and I headed out for a day to Bicester Village to hunt down some bargain designer goodies. I was a bit disappointed that I had written to the PR department well in advance only to hear nought in return, but didn't let that spoil our visit.

I'm used to Woodbury Commons Designer Outlet here in NY which is massive, and really takes fortitude to sift your way through, so I was kind of happy that Bicester Village was much easier to navigate. Plus they had outlets for my two favourite British designers, Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood. Whats not to like about that?

I made out pretty good, and got a few things at VW, as well as a gorgeous double wrap snake print bracelet at Mcqueen.

McQueen double wrap snake print bracelet. Sorry for the blurries!

Vivienne Westwood Earrings, the orbs have little different crystals around the edges, with a crystal ball at the end!

Vivienne Westwood Bag that expands like mad! The best part is that I can use it for the pool at the yacht club without worrying about it being damaged as its waterproof and holds all my pool essentials, including towel, extra set of clothes, boot, makeup, and even my iPad! Love the colour and of course the classic orb pattern!

That's all I came home with, but I'm extremely happy with my purchases and have already used them on regular rotation.

Jeanne insisted on taking this pic of me in a dressing room at one of the Bicester Village shops. I quite love it!

After saying our goodbyes to Barbara and her gorgeous Lily-Belle, Jeanne and I hit the town doing some vintage shopping, then on to the Bloomsbury Hotel to enjoy drinks in the lovely bar.

Taking closeups with the iPhone in dim lighting doesn't always work out as you expect!

Nice pic of the sexy Jeanne though!

Another day of trying to catch up with friends but having mobile trouble, until I found it was Saturday and almost time for me to say goodbye to London. So a quick meet up with B, A, & their gorgeous wee one C in the park was in order!

The happy family in the park (Soho Park I believe.)

Before you knew it, time was moving quickly and I realized if I wanted to get to McQueen I had to hightail it. Of course I fell in love with a pair of shoes I've yet to see here in the US, but sadly they didn't have my size. The other item I fell in love with, was when they sent me the catalog, and there it was staring me in its teensy studded glory. I figured since I was on holiday and hadn't spent much, my budget could handle it. So I got it, and I've been using it like crazy since. Just love the shape, and for a clutch, it holds quite a bit!

I have no idea why it keeps coming up sideways, I fixed it in iPhoto but I guess blogger doesn't like me ):

My very last day I didn't have much time, so I trolled Camden market with Jeanne for fun since I hadn't been in ages. Here's a pic of us taking a Lemon Frappacino break from the heat...

There are loads more pics of inexpensive goodies I ran across in my quest to find school clothes for the PGP (we even wound up getting the same dresses from the kids dept that fit us both perfect!) But I'll leave you with this for now and write more as I think of it!



  1. The dressing room photo is fabulous!

  2. Thanks Wendy! it did come out cute even thaw my nemisis is in the background!

  3. Suzanne, Your London trip looked like a total blast!! I wish I could have tagged along too! I nearly fainted at the belt-bracelet and VW earrings, but it's the pic of you looking gorgeous and regal in the dressing room that blew me away:). I love that your daughter is rocking her own style and you MUST post your new YSL's. xo

  4. Thanks for such a fun time and great post! LOVE the photo in the dressing room as well. I think that I'm still shopped out after our trip!

  5. Pull Your Socks. UP -- thanks so much fornthe compliments! perhaps one day we'll get to meet in person and scare little children together! Heehee!

    Jeanne, you took a great shot, I rarely xomeoutnlooking so nice in candid shots, so be proud of that fab one! I'm still buy, buy, buying. I cNt believe I savedmmuch for mybholiday and then didn't spend it. Oh well more goodies for me here! You're one of my best shopping buddies as well as Barbara so having the two of you to shop with was pure heaven! cant wait to do it again!


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