21 June 2010

Jessica Simpson "Dany" Sandals with Discount!

If you're dreading another day of extensive heat in NY (ugh) perhaps I can cheer you up a little by sharing some "back in stock" news as well as savings on my favourite things to buy... shoes!

For those of you who missed out when they first showed up this past winter, Jessica Simpson's "Dany" shoe is back in stock on her site here for $98.00. I did a little looking around, and so far no one else is showing them back in stock, although I know its been said anywhere from late June to early July many sites will have them again.

In tan they're only available in US 10, but the black seems to have every size except US 11. I know they were going for crazy amounts of money on eBay for awhile, although right now there are actually a bunch of pairs under regular price. The other 11 pairs creep up from $150 to this insane pair with a Buy It Now price of $280! Forget eBay, if you purchase directly through her site there's a coupon that will give you a discount and you don't have to play stalking/ bidding/ sniping wars.

I did some checking and found the following promotional code to be valid. If this is your first order on the site, use coupon code CAPT10 at checkout to get 10% off. The code is case sensitive, so be sure to use it as shown. You use the code on the checkout page, now don't forget to use it as it saves nearly ten bucks on these! Shipping wasn't too bad either as I'm assuming they are heavy because of the wood soles, it was only $7.

These are super duper high shoes with a heel that comes in at nearly 6 inches so you really need to be a "pro" at wearing heels for these! I'm glad they added a big enough platform -- nearly two inches -- to make them comfortable. At this height, anything less would be not only uncomfortable, but we'd be getting into some serious ankle twisting/ breaking territory! I was in London when I first saw them online, but by the time I went to purchase, they were completely sold out everywhere. (Nano-seconds, I swear. Crazy when that happens!) Normally I would stay away from inexpensive shoes but I have to admit that some of her shoes are really quite good styles, not to mention very affordable and from what I've been told (and seen) seem to be decent quality for the price. They also remind me so much of a fab pair I had in high school that I keep wishing I hadn't worn into the ground and still had! So of course I had to order. Well... someone as tiny as me needs all the help they can get, and with these I won't have to go on my tiptoes (while wearing heels no less) to kiss my dear Punk Glam King as he stands nearly a foot taller than me! Yep, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Now that I've gotten shipping confirmation, I can't wait for them to arrive!



  1. I like them lots! Lovely chunky heel on them! xxxxx

  2. I want 'em! But I don't buy shoes online, it only leads to disappointment :-(

  3. ergyerg: The heel is what got me too, I love a chunky heel!
    Wendy: They came today, and are super duper comfy. I'll post a pic tomorrow!


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