01 November 2009

Ghoulish Fun

Unfortunately the zombie walk got rained out. Right when we were ready to meet it started pouring down furiously. But most of the evening it was just a slight drizzle so the little ghouls (kids) were out in force.

First our decor.

My neighbor's house.

Moving onto to the sidewalk at the corner of her house.

My house.

Punk Glam Princess as a ghost bride with her friend the vampire.

A vampire getting ready to...

Bite her victim!

Another shot of the ghostly bride.

My zombie husband (no idea why there is zombie crotch grabbing going on? Ah, I know maybe he was doing a "Thriller" imitation?) The green Mohawk totally flopped with all the rain.

The ghostly bride, and the ghost mother of the bride!


Better shot showing the neck slash and creepy green contacts!

Even though we were disappointed that the zombie walk got rained out, my husband and I decided to hit a late night showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show at the historic old Tarrytown Music Hall. I thought it was season appropriate to be next town over from Sleepy Hollow! Hadn't seen Rocky Horror in years so it was fun!

I hope your Halloween was ghoulishly fun!


  1. Oh wow. It all looks so amazing. I love those contacts. And the decor... wow.

  2. Thanks, we have a great time and every year get a little more elaborate! The neighbors who have always had the best display are not threatening to offer free booze in competition LOL! I really had fun with the contacts -- def want more! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  3. You and Princess Gwen looked amazing!! What fun you guys must have had xx

  4. Thanks Queen Michelle! One of these years we'll have to get you over to NY for a "real" spooky Halloween!

  5. You look fantastic! I love the green contacts, you inspired me to maybe look into getting some ha! I wish Halloween was a big deal in Australia... it's crazy how much effort goes into it for you guys, looks like heaps of fun xx

  6. They were dirt cheap on Amazon so check there. I might even get another pair for fun! Its so huge here that I think it may have surpassed New Year's Eve as the biggest night out in NYC! Always tons of going on, and really not much effort on our part since we enjoy it so much!


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