31 October 2009

Happy Halloween!

Here are just a few festive Halloween photo's.... cupcakes with gummy body parts for the Punk Glam Princess' class party:

My creepy contacts and neck slash necklace was a hit with the 5th graders!

A year round display with my little bat!

My husband found this great shop Markle Meyers, ltd. that sells antique prints. Knowing my love bats (I even got a tattoo of one 30 or so years ago), he chose a print of Vampire Bats from him and PGP as a little anniversary gift. All of their prints come complete with certificate of authenticity. This one is from 1894. He also got me a great collection of postcards, which I'll frame. I'll definitely be going back there, just looking at their online selection has given me so much decor inspiration!

And in keeping with the bat theme, here is a pic of my little bat friend (seen above in the shadow box). A friend gave me him many years ago knowing my love for these creatures. Perfectly freeze-dried, the poor dear got into her barn and froze and died over the winter. I love it.

Happy Halloween everyone... I'm off to get the outside decor started, and pray our zombie walk doesn't get rained out! I will be posting photos of the decor as well as our costumes within a few days (I seriously need recovering from all the work and excitement!)

Groovy Ghoulies!

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