25 October 2009

Top Shop Gets Me Everytime

Honestly my Top Shop addiction is insane. When I saw they had the sale online, but most of what I wanted was out of stock in my size I decided to head down Friday night. Smart move. Shoes galore on sale! I was able to pick up a pair of Safari shoes in Leopard -- so comfy, and hot!

Never trust a 10 yr old to take your pic, why I look preggers at 90 or so lbs is crazy!

I then had to try on the pair I've been drooling over: Pendulum. They have lacing, buckles and zippers, super high heels, and a great covered platform. They searched all over the store to find my size and Voila! Mine all mine! If you are interested in this style, be warned that they run tiny. I wear between a 35.5 EU and 36 EU and the 36 was so uncomfortable.

My only disappointment was that the Amber high heeled desert boots in grey were completely out of stock. ): Also that the Punk Glam Princess was being her usual dramatic self and saying how she felt faint and wouldn't let me peruse the racks and racks of sale clothing. But regardless, I'm so very happy with what I was able to get.

Again, don't trust a kid to edit the setting! Ah well, she's learning and enjoys it so much! Note my fuzzy pink slippers! And the little bit of Halloween decor I started on the mantel.

I must also mention that the sale people once again have gone over an above with customer service and remember me every time I visit. Makes shopping so much more pleasurable knowing you'll be waited on with a smile, and they'll try their hardest to find your size. Unlike high end shops that treat you as second rate (which rarely happens to me, but lately has me sour grapes on a few of them.)

Oh and BTW, I did order the "Amber" boots online. I may need some kind of 12 step program. Not that I'll actually go, it would mean no more shoes!



  1. black jeans, oversize tee and black ankle boots has to be THE BEST OUTFIT there is. haha, pretty much all i wear... and thank you SO MUCH for your compliment! xxx

  2. My weakness are boots of any shape -- they look great with everything! You totally deserve the compliment, you are a hell of a talent!

  3. you look like a old horse that has fallen of a cliff.

  4. Thanks for your ever so sweet anonymous comment!


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